About Us

The Origins

Everything started in 2016 when Simon and Rachel discovered a new way of enjoying concerts, raves, and festivals fashion-wise.

They found out that Australians are on a whole other level when it comes to dressing up for an event.

The first instance where they saw how different Aussies dress up was at the famous and iconic Chinese Laundry nightclub in Sydney.

Afterward, Field Day also happened where they saw again how people spend time and energy on their outfits for the festival.

Being French, every festival or concert they have done in Europe has always been wearing pretty much casual clothing.

Then the US happened.

While Australians are at a higher level than most Europeans fashion-wise, the best ones by far are the Americans!

Simon and Rachel were amazed by how good Americans were at matching the vibe of an event fashion-wise.

This is when they went for a deep dive and were forever changed, so much so that they created a website to guide all concert, rave, or festival goers for both outfit and event tips.

The Idea

They felt that they would have liked to have some help or guidance in putting together cool outfits for any kind of music event.

After a few years, as they got more and more experience and knew more people doing it, they became excellent at creating great event outfits.

That is what started it all.

People were now coming to them during events to either take pictures of their outfits as references or ask questions about what to wear.

So they decided to create Festival Attitude, a place where people can get all the necessary knowledge, guidance, and outfit ideas for their concerts, festivals, and raves.

The Commitment

Now, they are using their experience and network to help and guide as many people as possible who need help for all the upcoming events that they want to prepare for.