110+Twenty One Pilots Concert Outfit Ideas M/F

Going to a Twenty One Pilots concert and don’t know what to wear?

We got you, we have gathered amazing and unique TØP style outfits, so you can easily and efficiently put together your ideal concert outfit!

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1. The Twenty One Pilots Touch

For us to guide you into creating your ideal Twenty One Pilots concert outfit we first need to dive into their world.

Twenty One Pilots Music Style

We think that one of the reasons Twenty One Pilots have been so successful is that its audience can easily relate to the music and the lyrics.

First, music-wise, they have the aura of great artists that are not confined to one particular genre.

On top of that, the more they go, the more they manage to blur the lines between genres, being harder and harder to put them in a category.

And this approach is the reason their sound feels so unique and modern at the same time.

Second, if not all, most of their visuals feel natural and organic, a bit like almost nothing is between them and us the audience.

Third, a lot of their music videos are shot in nature or a natural environment, but it is not necessarily the sunny and glowy days they try to capture but rather the raw, sometimes cold, and pure elements of nature.

This is the perfect transposition to their lyrics that are about life itself, but while they celebrate a certain facet of it, they expose and describe some cold truth, raw aspects, and fragile elements of what life can be.

And finally, at the end of the day, we follow them up and down for each beat, each word, and each emotion, and by doing so, we always end up moved and touched as they manage to deliver a wide variety of feelings we do carry in us once the song comes to an end.

This is the signature of true artists.

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Twenty One Pilots Fashion

As we said above, they have a raw approach to things and always manage to add either some smart accent here and there or add a little something that can even be a quirky element to make up their style.

This is why, their fashion if not completely, almost transposes perfectly to their music.

You will see that the clothes they are wearing, whether on stage, for music videos, or interviews are mostly black with some white elements and will have some accent color, which could be yellow, red, or even pink.

The color red was more present for the album Blurryface where you can see in the music video “Ride” Josh wearing red makeup for his eyes and Tyler having some red tape around one of his arms.

Or from the same album if you take the “Fairly Local” music video you will as see that they both wear white for the top and a black pair of pants for the bottom.

And the red accent is coming back with red dyed hair for Josh and a red beanie and a red armband for Tyler.

Yellow is the color for their next album “Trench”, they did the same accent idea they did for Blurryface but with yellow.

This time they use much more tape to create their outfits, you can see an example here with the music video for the song Jumpsuit, where Tyler is wearing a regular jacket, and they added some yellow tape on top of it.

For the album Scaled And Icy they went for pastel colors, for instance, Tyler dyed his hair pink and if you take the music video “Shy Away” you will also see pastel colors here and there.

If you want to jump straight to the TØP women’s outfits click here, and if you want to jump to the TØP men’s outfits click here.

Twenty One Pilots: How To Dress For A TØP Concert?

So how do you dress for a TØP concert?

As explained above, you have to think down to earth clothing with a little something to create that unique look.

We mentioned that they like to use color accents, for Blurryface it was the red accent and for Trench, it was the yellow accent.

And for “Scaled and Icy” the pastel colors are more present than ever.

So if you want to go for a style you first to know what album fashion style are you actually trying to copy?

Because their music genre is wide and somewhat undefined they wear outfits that could work for either rock, punk, alternative, or even reggae style.

If you want to copy either Blurryface style or Trench take a style and simply add the accent color.

If you want to copy the style of “Scaled And Icy” put together a subtle pastel outfit.

If you want inspiration you can either go to the next part Twenty One Pilots Concert Outfits or go to the section after which is the Twenty One Pilots Outfit Examples where we give you examples of outfits.

2. Twenty One Pilots Concert Outfits

We did our best to gather as many Twenty Øne Pilots styles, so every single person can easily put together their ideal TØP outfit or at the very least get their creativity rolling.

The aim of each collection we have made below is for you to mix and match tops and bottoms you like to create your outfit.

The accessories section are for both male and female.

Twenty One Pilots Women Outfits

Women Short Sleeve

 Yellow Crop Top

Off Shoulder Tops Short

Yellow One Shoulder

Yellow V Neck Waffle

Yellow Womens Tops Summer

Yellow Sleeveless Crop

Yellow Natural Pleated

Years Girls and Boys

Red Open Back Top

Red Tube Top

Red Rave Sexy Criss Cross

Red Shiny Metallic Crop 

Red Sexy Summer Cut

Red Rave Sexy Sleeveless Halter

Red Sexy Mesh Bustier 

Sexy Choker Buckle

Tank Top Open Back Racer back

Basic Casual Denim Jacket

V Neck Halter Spaghetti Strap Backless

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops Sexy One

Women’s Scoop-Neck Strappy Backless

Spaghetti Strap Cut

Sexy Hollow Out Buckle Front for Rave

Sexy Lace Up Front

Women’s Long Sleeve

Sexy Sleeveless Central

Lettuce Trim Ribbed

Summer Strappy Button Down

Halter Long Sleeve

Sexy Straps Sleeveless

Women’s Summer Short Sleeve

Pastel Short Sleeve Tie Dye

Crisscross Tie Back 

Deep V Neck Knot Front

V Neck Short Sleeve

Striped Ringer Crop

Crop Top T-Shirt

Faux Leather Jacket

Women’s Metal Jacket

Women’s Faux Leather

Stretch Denim Jacket

Long Sleeve Button-Down Denim Jacket

Oversized Pearls Beading Denim Jacket

Casual Classic Vintage Denim Jean

Skater Skirt

Slim Straight Cut Mini Denim Skirt

Ripped Denim Long Skirt

Mid Rise Shorts Ripped Denim

Mid Rise Denim Denim Shorts

Vibrant Junior High Rise Jeans

High Waisted Cargo Pants

High Waisted Jogger

High Waisted Black

Black Cargo Pants

Red Shiny Flared Skirt

Shiny Dance Shorts

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Dr. Martens Jadon 8Eye Leather Platform

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Newbalance Women Fuelcore

Ultraboost Adidas Women Shoes

TIOSEBON Women Sneakers

Twenty One Pilots Men Outfits

Yellow Tie-Dyed

Yellow Pleated Raglan Sleeve

Heavyweight Long Sleeve

Hooded Tank Tops

T-Shirt Contrast Color

Sport Performance Polo

Red Polo Shirt

Yellow Tank Tops

Red T-Shirt Pleated Raglan Sleeve

Curve Hem T Shirt

Hipster Hip Hop Ripped

Red Hooded Tank Tops

Men’s Fashion t-shirt

Tie-Dyed Hipster Abstract t-shirt

Hemline Pattern

Abstract T-shirt

Hipster Abstract t-shirt

Sleeveless Lapel Denim Jean

Men’s Vintage Stand

Denim Shorts Classic

Red Casual Denim Shorts

Yellow Short Pants

Red Short Pants

Red Pants Jeans

Biker Jeans for Men

Joggers Pants Long

Techwear Techno

Techwear Pants

Jogger Pants Techwear

Joggers Cargo Pants

Pants Cargo

Sweatpants Funny Joggers Pants Sports

Classic Slim-Fit Stretch

Yellow Sneakers Athletic

Bronax sneakers with red accent

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Twenty One Pilots Accessories

Duct Tape, Sunshine Yellow

Multi-Purpose Red Duct Tape

Red Cap

Yellow Paisley Bandana

Slouchy Beanie Cap

Yellow Beanie

Pastel Chunky Platform Tie Dye

Pashmina Women Wrap

Pastel Cosplay Rainbow

Pastel Glasses Pink

Hippie Sunglasses Retro

Pastel Stripes Knee Hi Leg Warmer

Earrings Fairy

Colorful Tassel Earrings

Sunglasses Nice Rimless

Holographic fanny pack

Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig

Glitter Space Cowboy

Hat Packable Summer

Ponytails Cosplay Wig

3. Twenty One Pilots Outfit Examples

While you could definitely use our examples and follow exactly our description, we also invite you to go freestyle.

Do how you feel, you can use our examples as guidelines, or inspiration or not even use them and search for other things if you feel your personal style is something else.

Twenty One Pilots Outfit Women Example

Women Accent style:

If you want to play the accent style you can start with either a black pair of pants, shorts, or a black skirt for the bottom, add some cute black or white top for the top and add a leather jacket or a techwear jacket as an extra layer.

The accent red or yellow can be added either with accessories, specific red or yellow clothing (not the example we went for here, but you can), or by dying your hair (by the way you can go for a wig if you do not want to dye your hair).

For the accent, you can also go with red or yellow tape.

For footwear, the best option will be combat boots.

In terms of makeup, if you want you can play with the accent and put either red or yellow around your eyes or with lipstick, it is up to you, as it is a concert don’t go too heavy on the makeup though, because of all the moving and dancing you can expect to sweat quite a lot.

Regular/natural makeup also works just go with simple blush, mascara, and eyeliner.

If you want to you can go for Tyler’s style with the neck and hands painted in black, go for it, we only recommend it at the end as this special touch tends to be messy to do.

Women Pastel style:

For pastel style, you can start with black pants, a skirt, or shorts for the bottom, and add a cute pastel top for the top with either a pastel or black jacket as an extra layer.

For footwear either go with combat boots or dark color sneakers.

Regarding makeup, you can also use pastel for your makeup but no need to overdo it (you can go for more natural makeup if you want).

Twenty One Pilots Outfit Men Example

Men Accent Style:

Start with black pants or shorts, add either a white or black top with also denim, techwear, or a leather black or white jacket as an extra layer.

You can add the red or yellow accent in many ways, you can dye your hair, specific red or yellow clothing (not the example we went for here, but you can), add a yellow or red accessory, or go for what most people go for which is tape (red or yellow depending on which album you want to represent, “Blurryface” being red and “Trench yellow”).

In terms of footwear go for combat boots.

If you want to you can go for Tyler’s style with the neck and hands painted in black, go for it, we only recommend it at the end as this special touch tends to be messy to do.

Men Pastel Style:

Start with black pants or shorts, and wear a patterned pastel color shirt for the top and leather, denim, or techwear jacket as an extra layer.

For footwear go for combat boots or dark sneakers.

4. Conclusion And More Twenty One Pilots Inspiration

Whether you are part of the Skeleton Clique or not we hope that our outfit selection helped you in creating your TØP concert outfit!

Remember Twenty One Pilots dare new styles and new outfits when they can, so be inspired and try something new for an outfit.

Furthermore, concerts are unique opportunities to try new and exciting outfits, so dare, step a bit out of your comfort zone and put together a memorable, unique, and amazing concert outfit for this Twenty One Pilots concert, have fun with it!

If you are looking for more inspiration for the Twenty One Pilots event, you can also have a look at our other selection below.

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We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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