Best Festival Outfits Ideas and Tricks For Cold Weather

If you ask anyone on this planet what season they think about when they hear the word “festival” they will all shout “Summer!”. Now it obviously depends where, but you have festivals that do take place during Summer and it actually feels freaking winter, and others DO take place during cold seasons.
Whether you are planning to go to a Winter Festival or a Summer one where you are expecting cold, rainy, windy weather this post is here to guide and help you with your outfits and clothing for complicated weather.

The Layering

The “Layering system” is a habit you should adopt for festivals as the variation cold to hot and hot to cold, dry to wet, and wet to dry is constant.

The art of this system is for your outfit to have many layers that you can easily remove and put back on without it bothering you during downtime.

Not so easy to master but we are here to help you!
This article is broken down into 8 Parts:

  1. Feet
  2. Legs
  3. Top
  4. Head
  5. Rain Jacket
  6. Faux Fur & Light
  7. Full Costumes
  8. Make-Up & Glitter

Note that all the items that are listed in this article (and this is valid for the whole website) are 4 stars out of 5 and above. We want you to get the best out of this post by saving you some time in your outfit research and finding great items for cheap.

Let’s start from the bottom:

Part 1: Feet

Boots are going to be the ideal choice for wet/dry and hot weather.

Boots for women: more than 14 different colors to match your outfit and really comfy.

  • Boots for man: not as many colors as the one above but those are a great pick.

You can also choose to go with the classical Hunter.

For a more flexible version so you can keep a bit more agility we do recommend the Hunter Ankle Boots (might not be ideal if you are facing heavy rain and a ton of mud).

For Winter, women snow boots we recommend the Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot:

For Winter, man snow boots we recommend: Kamik Men Snow Boots

Part 2: Legs

As a general rule, the colder the better off you will be with clothes that act as a second skin and that are as close to you as possible, so there is no fresh air between your skin and the apparel. Let’s start with the standards of high socks. Very “cool” for many reasons, it will keep you warm and you can lower them at any time if you are getting hot from too much jumping and dancing.

Women Knee High Socks:

Illusion Tights Black/White:

Women High Waist Legging

Do not hesitate to have a look you will find many different styles and colors, a great way either to match your outfit or to use it as the base color for the rest!

Rainbow Pride High Socks

Women’s Printed Leggings Full-Length

Leggins Fun Graphics Patterns

Have a look as there are many cute printed patterns to check out so you can make it match the rest of your outfit.

Socks Arm Warmer Fingerless Set

This is such a great hack for winter or cold seasons festivals, if you are too hot you can lower your socks and remove the gloves and they will not take too much space in the meantime. If this is your style you should consider :)!

Rainbow Leg Warmer

The good all Jean: A classic but it will keep you warm and works well with boots.
Levi Strauss Modern Skinny Jean

Levi Strauss Straight Jeans

Destroyed Flare Jeans Elastic Denim

Vibrant Junior High Rise Jeans

Curvy Butt Elastic Teared Skinny Jeans

Overalls Destroyed Insta Stretch Denim

Overalls Insta Stretch Denim

Overall Insta-Stretch Denim

Part 3: Top

A Cool Graphic Hoodie: The hoodie will bring you warmth for both arms and upper body, if it is really cold outside we recommend wearing (click the next link) this Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt Compression Tops underneath to be fully comfortable.

Tie-Dye Print Hoodie Long Sleeve

Go Denim

Casual Classic Vintage Denim Jean

Benson Denim Jacket

Long Sleeve Distressed Denim Jacket

Denim Long Sleeve Western Shirt

Festival Mermaid Bomber Jacket

Metallic Jacket Festival

Arm Warmer Women

Check it out, many colors are available!

Pink Long Arm Warmer

4 colors available: Pink, Red, White, and Black

Part 4: Head

Last but not least, the head! You probably already know it but you lose more than 10% heat through your head. Cover it, you will feel the difference.
Chunky Knit Beanie

Knit Beanie

Messy Bun Beanie Tail

Part 5: Rain Jacket

You could ask “well why not a real coat instead”? The rain jacket is your best bet because with an actual coat, as soon as you are too hot you will not know what to do with it and you will not be able to fold it away. We suggest you wear something warm enough so if it rains or if it gets too windy, a rain jacket will suffice, besides it is lighter and you can easily fold it. If you know for sure that it will rain pick a rain jacket, go with some nice colors so even if it does rain you will pop.

Gold Metallic Raincoat Check this raincoat out!

Part 6: Faux Fur & Light

Those are combining exactly what you need, light and warmth :)! Worth checking.
Faux Fur skirt Light Outfit

Faux Fur Waistcoast LED Light

Faux Fur Light Leggings Boot

Faux Fur Scarf Light

Faux Fur Unicorn Hat Scarf Light

Faux Fur Jacket Light

Part 7: Festival Funny Warm Full Costume

The reason these suggestions are on the listing is that we have seen people wearing them in those cold festivals and they advised that nobody thinks about them even though it is comfy and funny. The truth is that to wear this, make sure it is only cold otherwise the rain and the wind will become real enemies at some point. Even though this outfit is not the solution to all festivals, people wearing them felt it was a hack, so we listed two of them here. Festival Full Costume Suit

Full Costume Women Cow

Part 8: Makeup & Glitter

This time we are encouraging you to go crazier with makeup as sweating will be harder you can allow yourself more freedom in that regard. Besides, in real cold, most of your body will be covered by your outfit therefore you have to bring the sexiness up to your beautiful face!

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