The Ultimate Guide to Attend A Festival With A Baby Or A Toddler

The short answer is “of course”!
When a family starts to grow or just keeps on growing, life does not just stop there, as a matter of fact for some, it begins!
Find below the article breakdown :

  1. Pick the right festival
  2. Prepare the night
  3. Getting around
  4. Food
  5. Equipment
  6. Pro tips
  7. Safety tips
  8. Overall tip

The main focus of this article is to give you the best tips and tricks, so going to a festival with a baby or a toddler or both, does not become your worst idea of the year. As you know, if you were to go to a festival even without a baby or a toddler, the experience is way better if you do prepare so you know what to expect, right?
Well, this is it, family time at a festival is wonderful as long as you prepare and have a plan for what is ahead of you.
Yes, some people will say that it is “crazy”, but this is just because they are projecting the way they live festival onto a family vibe, and also because they struggle to think differently, which leads us to the important note below.
Important note: Before you go further, we want to give you a heads-up! You have to understand that the festival experience will not be the same as when you are just by yourself, you’ll be there sure, but how you will enjoy it, will be quite different, still amazing but different, family different. This is obvious but for this, to work you have to rethink this festival relationship you used to have pre-family. If this is your mindset, you are all set!
Important note 2: Another “obvious”. Yes, it will be much easier if you have your partner with you or a real friend to rely on, this is important for many reasons and also because you need to have one person sober at any given moment.
Alright, below is our guidelines so your next festival as a family will be a smashing success:

Pick the right festival

  • The theme: We are assuming that you have already been to a festival, so you know that picking a family-friendly festival will be key here. To increase the success of this event, you need to picture which crowd you want your baby or toddler to be in? If you go to a boho, hippie, laid-back event, the type of crowd you’ll meet there will be in that same vibe and this is what we want you to imagine. Therefore you’ll be more relaxed and confident throughout the festival (we say “relaxed” yes but no more than usual, keep the same rule as you would in a normal setting)
  • The facilities: Ask for the specific baby/kid area, most festivals have one, so the kids have their space far from the big noise and there are activities for them too. A nice place to breathe and relax with your baby, toddler, or the whole family :). Note: do not leave them there, this is not babysitting they are offering, it’s a place of activity.
  • Avoid trials: we recommend you to go to a festival you have been to already, so you understand in advance the organization, the staff to expect, the location, etc…
  • Location: It’s always nice to be in an area you know, the ideal would be close to home, so if anything happens you know the area.

Prepare the night

  • Sleep: getting some sleep is not as difficult as you think: we do recommend you to follow the usual sleep schedule regarding naps and sleep otherwise you will welcome “irritation” to the mix and you don’t want that
  • Tent or Van: If you have opted for the tent, think big, with two rooms so you can keep the dark and the warmth for a good night’s sleep, especially if one of the parents decides to keep on partying. If you are not into tents, a rented camper van can do the trick.
  • Time your sleep: Get ready to wake up early, so go to sleep early or you might face no sleep at all

Getting around

  • Slings are the easiest and the handiest but at some point, it can be exhausting if the baby has already reached the 8,9,10,… month old
  • Strollers are really good, they take more space but they can save your back from pain, and you do want to enjoy the festival until the end. We recommend a stroller with big wheels as the ground might not be as smooth as you want it to be and a stroller that can cover the baby from the sun or the rain
  • Toddler activities: above all else, toddlers need more entertainment, think of activities (babies are easier to deal with in that regard) so don’t go too far from an area they can play in


  • Snacks: Embrace convenience and avoid queuing at the festival shops, think: nonperishable healthy snacks dried fruits, nuts…
  • Pre-sterilized bottles: As you will not have access to a sink or hot water to wash them, it will be the easiest and most hygienic way to go
  • Area to sit for breastfeeding: Don’t kill your back and sit for breastfeeding (if you are only breastfeeding)
  • Fresh Fruit: Usually festivals have a place where you can buy fresh fruit this is where the snacks we mentioned above are good so if you do get inline it will not feel like an eternity for your kid


  • Tent: the bigger the better (it does make a difference)
  • Stroller: with big wheels so you never get stuck in the mud
  • Car or Van: If you can camp with your car (consider renting a van if you can go bigger)
  • Inflatable Bathtub or Solar Shower
  • Baby wipes: not just for the baby but for so many things!
  • Beach shelter: for the sun and rain
  • Sun protection
  • Waterproof gear
  • Sun hat
  • Ear Defenders/¨Protect for baby or kids
  • For babies and toddlers
  • Plastic-coated picnic blanket
  • Extra baby wipes: think big you really want to have too much than not enough
  • Diapers: the exact same rule as the one above you want MORE
  • Burping Towels
  • Disposable Changing Mat
  • A full change for the baby in case of… anything
  • First aid kit
  • Infant paracetamol/ibuprofen
  • Baby sleeping bag
  • Some toys
  • Baby food
  • Sun Glasses for both of you
  • Spoon
  • Snacks or baby food
  • Water Sippy Cup for Toddlers
  • Waterproof coat and pants
  • A small umbrella for your toddler
  • A bottle of water
  • Non-toxic permanent marker for writing your phone number on your toddler in case she or he wanders off

The Bag For The Day: in the above list all items that are emboldened will make you the bag for the day

Pro Tips:

  • Arrive early so the baby is first used to the area
  • Remember your headphones, Ear Defenders
  • One of you needs to stay sober
  • Plan for things not going according to plan (it will happen even slightly)
  • Coming back to sleeping, have a great night’s sleep, guys this is key!

Safety tips

  • Landmarks: define a clear landmark so if anything happens your kid will know where to meet
  • Walkie talkies: A great tool and great game for them
  • Child registration: Check if there is a child registration system and if yes use it
  • Introduce the staff of the festival to your kid: So he or she will have the confidence to go see them if need be. Reminder: the staff of the lost child office is specialized to find kids so do not search your kid by yourself go straight to them and stay with them until the reunion
  • Stay together always: Remember: Most of the reported lost children come from the parent going to the toilet.

Overall tip

  • Have fun and enjoy!

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