Bonnaroo Full Guide Festival Outfits Ideas

Bonnaroo belongs to those Festivals where you can wear about everything imaginable, that being said, this guide is here to give you the best outfits inspirations and the best tips so you “roole” this festival, see what we did here 😉

Bonnaroo day and night outfits

The best approach for Bonnaroo outfits is to have in mind the temperature fluctuation between day (can go up to 100 degrees) and night (can go down to 60 degrees). To be fully prepared for the occasion, we recommend the below:

Outfits for women (daytime):

Outfits for women (nighttime):

Outfits for men (daytime):

Outfits for men (nighttime):

All those links are some good examples that have been hand-picked for you (you will only find products that are 4 stars and above).

The list above is to give you a quick start on how to think your outfits through and get great examples. Now, there is no particular dress code at Bonnaroo, people have different styles like the ones you will find below from casual to ravey to chic or sporty.

Bonnaroo outfits tips

All those tips below are 101 festivals but we like to give those reminders to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

Keep it light, you will get hot

Bonnaroo Music Festival takes place in the middle of June in Manchester Tennessee. Even if the weather is not so good you will get hot and we are not even including all the jumping and dancing that could take place.

So we recommend you to think as a minimalist would :).

Grap and carry only the necessary things and use your backpack.

One thing that we have done as a group is to have a fairly big backpack that will be passed on from person to person, yes one individual will carry a tad heavy but the rest will be free.

Or each person has his or her own backpack and roll with it.

We don’t recommend carrying from the start your night gear and outfits in your backpack, leave them in your tent or your car, and come back to it when the sun goes down.

Water-friendly fabric is a good option

Besides the fact that you will sweat, Bonnaroo has its famous mushroom fountain that allows people to go under, get wet, and cool down.

This is why a lot of people use their bathing suits as their outfit:

  • for the ladies they usually have bathing suit top and they either go with their shorts or alike or simply their bathing suit bottom
  • guys just remove their t-shirt (or not) and go like this with their board shorts and flip-flops

That way, when it gets really hot you can easily cool down by just dropping your backpack getting wet, and getting back to activities or the music!

You might need to use sunscreen

Sunburns are a real thing, especially when you get them on the first day and you have to endure the sun for two more days with sensitive skin.

If you wear a casual outfit no biggie, you can keep your sunscreen in your bag and put it on as soon as you feel you need it.

But people with complex outfits, beware, as if you decide to put some on, we had instances where you could have to get almost naked to apply your sunscreen correctly.

You will have to go to the toilet

We recommend avoiding all clothing that is a bit long that could touch the ground or the toilet floor like long dresses, long fringes, and outfits that are too difficult to remove so you can easily and properly go to the bathroom.

It might be obvious but people have told us festival bathroom stories with outfits that were too long that sounded like pure nightmares…

Pro-tip for the ladies: if you do want to wear long bottoms outfits or that you want to avoid germs, the Shewee is a great alternative as it gives women the ability to pee standing up.

Toilet Bonus tip: in every article that we posted about toilets we recommend baby wipes as they are life saviors in festivals.

You will walk, dance and stand a lot

You will have to bring the most comfort possible to your feet.

Now, people always debate whether to wear flip-flops or sneakers to festivals. Well, we did the pros and cons for you below, so you know what to do.

Flip-flops vs sneakers.

Flip-flops pros:

  • they are almost always the best option, your feet will not get all sweaty
  • they are water-friendly you can go to the mushroom fountain with or without them as they are easily removable.

Flip-flops cons:

  • if it rains, even just one hour they will become your worst enemy with all the mud and slippery ground.
  • you can’t really dance or jump if the area you are in is too crowded, you could lose them and people (it does happen) can step on your unprotected feet

Sneakers pros:

  • For light rain it is way better than flip-flops (if it rains too much you will need boots, we recommend checking a bit the weather beforehand)
  • Your feet are somewhat protected from people that could step on them
  • You have free movement with your feet, you can jump and dance and never worry about losing them
  • It will keep your feet warm at night

Sneakers cons:

  • Not ideal if it gets really hot
  • With all the walking and dancing you could get blisters

So, you guessed it, the best option is to bring both, but now you know what will work best depending on the weather or what you intend to do.

Bonnaroo Female Outfits ideas

Bonnaroo Female Top Ideas


Boho V Neck Romper Long Sleeves

Sexy Two Pieces Outfits Tops Short

Sexy Halter Tie Dye Two Pieces Sets

Fashion Outfits Sleeveless Tops

SexySleeveless Tops and Skirt

Floral 2 Piece Outfit Dress

V Neck Tee Shirt Dress

V Neck Tie Dye Tee Shirt Dress

Tie Dye Tunic Tops Tee Shirt Dress

Bat Sleeve Belted Wrap Short

V Neck Sexy Mini Short Dresses

2 Piece Halter Crop Top Short

SheIn Floral Crop Top Short Set

2 Piece Crop Top Shorts Set

Short Romper Jumpsuit Playsuit

Check it out, many colors are available

Casual Midi Dress with Pockets

Crop tops:

Classic Tops

Neck Basic Crop Tank Top

Strappy Tie Back Crop Halter Tops

Crop Top Cami Tank Top Shirt

T-Shirt Top Casual Summer Tee

Crop Tops for Women & Teens

Plus Size Spaghetti Cami Crop Top

V Neck Camis Crop Top Vest

Demi Cami Crop Tops

Spaghetti Strap Sleeveless Sexy Rave

Tank Top with Removable Pads

Back Tank Tassel Hem Cami Top

Cami Top Spaghetti Strap Rib Knit

Neck Off Shoulder Blouse Tops

Crop Top Sweatshirt Hoodies

Crop Cami Tank Tops Camisole

Plunge Neck Body Suits Jumpsuit

More skin and sexier

Plunging Neckline Crop Top

Crochet Tie Front Crop Bikini Top

Lace Up Sling Basic Bow Crop Top

Criss Cross Crop Tops Backless

Short-Sleeve Bodycon See Through

Crop Top Strappy Cami Tank

Crop Top Golden Ring Centrepiece

Backless Cute Cami Crop Top Bralette

Backless Cute Cami Crop Top

One Shoulder Crop Top T Shirt

Tube Top Bandeau Bra Rave

Sexy Halter See Through Camisole

Padded High-Neck Crop Swim Top

Backless Wrap Crop Halter Top

Spaghetti Strap Crop Cami Top

Crop Top Sexy Tie Back Strappy

One Shoulder Tee Shirt Crop Tops

Sleeveless Plunge Tank Cropped Top

Crop Top Cut Out T Shirt

Cute Cut Out Rave Tops for Festival

Crop Tank Top Rib Knit Plain Vest

Over top

See Through Sheer Blouse Black Sexy

See Through Mesh Without Bra

Plus Size Sheer Blouse

Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top Sexy

Bonnaroo Female Bottom Ideas

Jeans and Pants

Jeans High Waisted Cute Bo

Skinny Jeans Distressed Denim Pants

Boho Wide Leg Hippie Pants Leggings

High Waisted Flare Pants – Leggings

Jeans Elastic Waist Denim Pants

Stretchy Skinny Sheer Mesh Insert

Cut Out Side Flare-Leg Pants

Pants Side Slit Sweatpants

Pants Holographic Sweatpant

Pants Casual Bohemian Hippie

Palazzo Hippie Beach Pants

Boho pants with Pockets


High Waist Denim Shorts Pocket

Fray Hem Stretchy Denim Short Jeans

Sparkly Hot Outfit Shiny Short Pants

Metallic Shorts Shiny Pants

Shorts Hot Pants

Shorts Cheeky

Shorts Scrunch Booty Hot

High Waist Soft Yoga Bike Shorts

J. Valentine High-Waist Short

Skirts and Mini Skirts

Silk High Waist Skirt

Booty Dance Festival Bottoms

Skater Skirt Beach Cover-ups

Rave Fringe Hip Scarf for Festival

Tea-Length Elastic Waist Tutu Skirts

High Waist Skater Skirt Cover-ups

Skirt Beach Cover-ups

Skater Skirt Beach Cover-ups

Outfits Skirt Festival Clothing

Faux Suede Split Tight Mini Skirt

A Line Mini Pencil Skirt

Beach Mini Skater Swing Skirt

Boho Fring Skirt

Specials and Sheers

Skirt Set Beachwear Cover Up

Brief Bottom Solid Tankini Swimsuit

Pants for Dance Festival Clubwear

Scarf Fringe Outfits Skirt

Festival Rave Booty Shorts

Bikini Bottom Coverup Pants

Bonnaroo Female Accessories

Festival sunglasses Not Polarized

Headpiece Forehead Festival

Campsis Gypsy Hair Clips

Waterproof Tattoo Stickers

Gem Stones Face

Face Temporary Tattoo

Mandala Tattoos Flowers Waterproof

Note that all the items that are listed in this article (and this is valid for the whole website) are 4 stars out of 5 and above. We want you to get the best out of this post and save you some time in your outfit research for cheap.

Bonnaroo Male outfits Ideas

1) Festival Tops For Men

Men’s Cotton Linen Henley Shirt Long

Have a look, multiple colors available!

1) All Over Prints

The all-over print is quite big in festivals as they will make you pop in the crowd like crazy! Pick the color that matches best the rest of your outfit, you will find many possibilities with this t-shirt! Graphic All Over Print Tshirt

Men Hipster Hip-Hop Urban Tees

Men Hipster Hip-Hop Urban Tees

Men’s Hipster Hip-Hop Premium Tee

Jersey EDM Festival – Trippy Pineapple

2) Awesome Graphic Tank Tops All Over Print:

As festivals usually take place during Spring and Summer a very cool tank top will be THE outfit you need, simple, exotic, and airy!

Men’s Vibrant All Over Print Sleeveless

Men’s Vibrant All Over Print Sleeveless

3) Hawaiian Shirts are big as well

Cotton Button Down Short Sleeve

Boho Paisley Styled Shirt:

Men’s Pineapple Casual Button Down

Shirt Tribal African Caftan Boho Unisex

Linen Mandarin Collar Roll-Up Sleeves

2) Festival Bottoms For Men

1) Shorts

Men’s Athletic Shorts – Vibrant Summer

Men’s Athletic Shorts – Vibrant Summer

Men’s Athletic Shorts – Vibrant Summer

2) Pants

Patchwork Cargo Trouser Wide Leg

Men’s Cotton Casual Shorts 3/4 Jogger

Jogger Pants All Over Print Men: These pants below could work quite well with tank tops.

Men Chinos Slim-Fit Stretch

Floral Printed Casual Pants for Men

You can also change it up in terms of style and go floral!

Slim Fit Joggers Tapered SweatpantsSlim Joggers can work quite well for festivals!

3) The Meggins!

Yes for those of you that did not know about them, they exist! We picked that one as a preview, many different meggins with this reference are available. Go Check it out!

Pants Zebra Neon Pink On the picture below it is not so much the wig we are pitching but the pants, even though wigs are great for festivals. As those events take place in Spring or Summer, a wig will make you sweat the first seconds. This is a full style on its own, with these pants you can wear whatever you want, your festival outfit is done :)!

3) Complete Festival Outfit For Men:

This is going to be our winner in terms of cool funny and effective style, you WILL POP no matter what and you have so many styles and colors to choose from, being short sleeves for the Summer festival you will be at ease. Have a look below.

Romper – Original Rompers for Men

Romper – Original Rompers for Men

Original Rompers for Men

Male Romper

Graphic Rompers Summer

We will keep on refreshing this listing as new great products pop up from time to time, and the idea is really to provide the best selections so you can be confident regarding what to buy for your next festival or event. We hope that what we listed did help you or inspired you, saving you some time in your research.

Enjoy your festival or your event!

Happy Roo!

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