+90 Female and Male Unique Goth Outfits Ideas For Festivals

Goth is one of the biggest selection we have made, Gothic Clothing and Gothic Style is rich and vast and that is the beauty of it. A lot of people like to DIY their outfits but for the rest of you that would like to buy Goth apparel, we hope the listing below will help you.
We have split this article into 3 main parts:

  1. Women Gothic Clothing:
    1. Bustier/Corset/Blouse
    2. Dress
    3. Skirts
    4. Jackets/Shirts
    5. Pants
    6. Full Outfits
    7. Shoes/Boots/Tights
    8. Arm Warmer
  2. Men Gothic Clothing
  3. Goth Accessories

Note: All the products that are listed are 4 stars out of 5 and above, this is so you have the best products here to choose from.

1) Women Gothic Clothing

1) Bustier/Corset/Blouse

Victorian Black & White Off Shoulder Corset HL Skirt

Gothic Vintage Victorian Corset Skirt

Gothic Masquerade Corset Skirt

Dark Evening Long Gloves Gothic Dress

As an example below this Corset Lace Up Band can easily be reused in your day-to-day life if you are not always in Gothic Style. Simple, sober, classy, and black!

Goth Steampunk Overbust Corset: A classical and beautiful Victorian Overbust Corset, have a look at it as you will find many colors to choose from if red is not your thing.

Corset Bustier Goth Steampunk

Gothic Dark Violet Bustier Corset

Underbust Goth Steampunk Corset Brocade

Check out other colors available.

Gothic Steampunk Bustier Corset Spiral SteelThis one is a bit more Renaissance type, a great one!

Women Steampunk Gothic Corset

This Corset has a Victorian Gothic look to it and people love it, this is a winner!

Women Black Goth Corset Top Bustier

If this is your style have a look as it comes with a load of different colors to fit your taste and to match the rest of your outfit.

Black Victorian Gothic Blouse
A great base for a Goth costume.

2) Dress

High Low Steampunk Gothic Dress (Base)This is a great example in creating your outfits, this dress below by itself does not make it Goth but it is a great base to work from. By adding a few details your Goth outfit is done. Besides this dress works great as casual clothing too!

Darkness Swing Gothic Dress

Classic Lolita Gothic Dress

3) Skirts

This Gothic Steampunk High Low Skirt below could be used either for Goth Festival or Steampunk Festival.

Victorian Trim Gothic Skirt

A-Line Short Knee Tutu Gothic Skirt

Simple Plain Skirt

4) Jackets & Shirts

Lace Sheer Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts

Faux Leather Gothic Jacket
This Jacket is a classic in Gothic fashion and you can easily use it as one of your regular clothing, this one is classy!

Black Casual Goth Jacket

5) Pants

Punk Lace Up Fishnet Gothic Pants

Gothic Legging Skull

Gothic Goth Punk Leggings

6) Women Full Outfits Costumes

If you don’t want to overthink it, full costumes outfits are a great solution.
Victorian Off Shoulder Corset Gothic Skirt

Full Goth Bride Costume

Goth Bat Full Costume

7) Boots/ Shoes & Tights/Stockings

Chunky Heel Lace Up Over The Knee High Riding Boots

High Wild Diva Goth BootsThese Goth boots are killing it, different styles and colors are available.

Women Wonder Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Kendra Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Goth Boots

Camel Ankle Goth Boots

Dr Martens Lace Up Women 1B99 Goth Boots

Poison BVL Goth Boots

Kera Knee High Goth Boots

Thirsty Studded Ankle Boot

Damned Knee High Goth Boots

Women High Lace Up Tactical Goth Boots

Kera Ankle Goth Boots

Scene Knee High Goth Boots

Goth Fishnet All Over Tights

You have a black version as well

Goth Fishnet Tights

Black Skull & Bones Tights

Suspender Gothic Fishnet Stockings

8) Arm Warmers

Women Sheer Spider Web Arm Warmer

Often forgotten, the Arm Warmers are a great addition to Gothic Clothing, if you were a short skirt or an off-the-shoulder dress it will make your attire pop even more!

Black Long Fingerless Gloves Arm WarmerThese arm-warmers are more Victorian Goth if you did not like the one above or if it did not match your selected outfit.

2) Men Full Outfits Costumes

We could say that, as much as for Steampunk festivals, men dress up as much as women, and we love that, when females and males are on the same page it rocks :). We like to point this out as it is not really the case for other types of festivals. Females are the ones putting on outfits and guys can be quite regular or casual in terms of clothing… in other words boring.
So thank you Goth culture to keep it harmonized across the board :)!
Victorian Tailcoat Steampunk VTG Coat Jacket

Victorian Tailcoat Steampunk VTG Coat Jacket

Mens Formal Suit Vest

Men’s Fashion Slim Fit Dress Shirt Casual Shirt

Men’s Fashion Slim Fit Dress Shirt Casual Shirt

Men Ruffled Gothic Shirts Steampunk Victorian

Tailcoat Jacket Vintage Black Steampunk VTG Victorian

Men Black Tailcoat Jacket Gothic Steampunk Victorian

Men Victorian Suit Vest Steampunk Gothic Waistcoat

Men Victorian Suit Vest Steampunk Gothic Waistcoat

Men Gothic Hooded Jacket Coat Steampunk Fashion

Men’s Spiral Steel Boned Victorian Steampunk Gothic Waistcoat Vest

Men’s Steampunk Double-Breasted Jacquard

Men’s Steampunk Double-Breasted Jacquard

Men’s Dress Party Stylish Blazer

Men Casual Hooded Poncho

Long Sleeve Shirt, Jacobite

Punk Rock Gothic Vest

Gothic Tshirt Long Sleeve Punk Top Hood

Goth Dark Devil Pants

Goth Punk Long Coat Jacket

Victorian Steampunk Costume 3 Piece Suit Work for both Goth and Steampunk.

Goth Warlock Black Full Costume

Men Goth Renaissance Gloves

Faux Leather Steampunk Armor Cuffs

Men Gothic Boots

Men’s Gravedigger-250 Calf-High Boot

3) Goth Accessories

Goth Emo Heart Punk Necklace

Vintage Punk Goth Studded Rivet Pu Leather Collar Choker Necklace

12PCS Men’s Stainless Steel

Leather Bracelet Black Brown

Punk Collar Choker for Women

Punk Bracelet for Men Women

Unisex Black Metal Spike

Necklace/Skull Feather Necklace

Women Goth Harness Thigh

We will keep on refreshing this listing as new great products pop up from time to time, and the idea is really to provide the best selections so you can be confident regarding what to buy for your next festival or event.
We hope that what we listed did help you or inspired you, saving you some time in your research.
Enjoy your festival or your event! Take care!

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