The Ultimate Guide To Pick A Festival Outfits Like A Pro

How To Pick A Festival Outfit? What To Wear?

Picking a Festival outfit is not an easy task and it can become a nightmare even sometimes for festival connoisseurs.

Many parameters need to be considered if you want the festival or the event you will be at to be a smashing success!
In this post, we will lay down the key elements to ensure you will be on top of everything!
Find below the article breakdown:

  1. The weather
  2. The theme or style
  3. Comfort
  4. Clothing or “Layering”
  5. Smart make up
  6. Finally, DECIDING
  7. Pro tips

The weather (for outdoor festivals):

Number one is always the weather, even though we can never be quite sure of what will actually happen, you need to know if the area you are about to go to will mostly be hot, cold, windy, dusty, sunny, rainy… Furthermore is it quite obvious but if you go to places like deserts, yes they are really hot during the day but at night it can be cold as hell as well. Pick your clothes accordingly.

The Theme or Style:

You have to know what is the actual theme of the festival, of course, the rule that dominates all others rules for festivals is that you can go as you like. In any case, just know that if the festival you are going to is a Happy Hippie Bohemian kinda vibe and you go there as Goth Punk Rock wearing only black, not only the sun will cook you like hell on hearth but people might look at you as you are misplaced (if you are “OK” with what we just described, do as you please :)). Lastly, once you have picked a style and you have narrowed down the type of clothing you want it gets easier to know where to look and what to choose.


Yes, comfort! Depending on how many festivals you have done, you would probably agree on the fact that comfort comes before style, that being said the best outfits are both. Even though from time to time we do feel that “festival” is another word for “fashion show”, the big difference between those two is that on a fashion show you will be keeping your dress, apparel, outfit for an hour top, for a festival it’s quite the contrary. So yes comfort is KING. We recommend you to try your outfit out before the event and even just spend an hour in it, to test if it is comfy over time and to fix or re-arrange your apparel if necessary.

Clothing or “Layering”:

The genius option you have to conquer the weather happening above and the excitement happening below is layering. You will need to be able to add and remove clothes on demand so you stay cool and warm, sexy and comfortable. Besides the fact that in some areas the weather is changing every minute, at the festival you will be dancing, jumping, walking and then, after all, that, you will probably also be just standing, sitting or laying down (if the weather and the places allow it). With that in mind, having multiple layers is the ultimate trick.

Smart Make up:

Remember we talked about comfort? Unfortunately and fortunately most festivals take place during Spring and Summer, so we guarantee you that you will be sweating the first 10 minutes. In addition, you will be dancing, jumping, walking, laughing… makeup is great but it is not that great when you have so many enemies (listed a few words ago) that are out there to get you. You actually don’t have too many alternatives for that, so it is going to be either fully natural and you will shine with your beautiful eyes and your bright smile, or if nevertheless, you do want to put makeup on, you should go with BB cream and eye makeup only, the rest is off-limit (at least this is our recommendation) :)It’s obviously up to you, but for our first festivals, we would have loved someone to tell us what to expect.

Finally, DECIDING:

Alright! Then, what do I do?

Ok, this one is the trickiest because to be effective it would need to be tailored for each of you, but let us try to guide you and give you some tips and tricks so you know what you should do. If you have taken into consideration all points above and you do not know where to start, here is our guide:

  • First, select your best attribute. So what do you feel is your most beautiful body part? As soon as you know, work around that. Let’s say you like your flat belly, your tattoos, your shoulders, your legs, and so on (it could be your eyes your mouth, your feet, your hair, just pick one, and do not tell us you have none everyone has at least one), now it’s the time to show it :). Side note: if your best characteristic is your breasts or your ass, that’s really cool however go easy unless it is a Rave, which is different. (Even though we add this side note, you know what we are trying to say)
  • Second, use the clothing to emphasize your best body part: make sure the main piece of clothing you will choose helps you emphasize this beautiful attribute of yours.
  • Third use contrast and balance: Stay with us for this one because it will not be easy to explain but once you got this, you can almost never go wrong. We humans usually like contrast and balance, therefore, it’s important that the balance/contrast from head to toe is right. So the basic idea is that, if you are tight at the top go larger below and vice versa (this tip is not a panacea, it is more of a guide, to help you in terms of clothing and outfit selection). Now let’s go for some examples: if you wear tight shorts, think of a statement hat or statement necklace or a jacket with fringes… If you have long hair you can actually go tight tops and tight for the below as well and probably boots. Do you get the whole picture?

Pro tips:

  • When it comes to picking an outfit, it is good to always keep in mind the dancing, jumping, walking part (the walking, people usually people miss this one), and the fact that you will have to go to the bathroom (yes remember that). Festival bathrooms are not known for their cleanliness. Dress accordingly because it can be a mess.
  • We don’t recommend fur, high heels for obvious reasons 🙂

We hope you liked this post, enjoy your festival and take care!

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