The Ultimate Rave Outfits Inspiration For Plus Size

Are you a beautiful curvy woman looking for amazing outfit ideas for your next Rave? If that is a “yes” you are in the right place!

We have selected the best products and outfits out there for you, so you can easily pick what you like and go directly to the fun part which is enjoying your rave!

Festival season or not, Rave clothing can be in itself difficult to find, and it is even more complicated to find one that you like and that fits.

Rave and Festival fashion is never easy, you never know where to start, do you look for festival dresses, denim jackets, festival tops, what festival wear works with which festival styles?

Each music festival can have its own dress code, therefore, its own rave or festival outfits. For instance, Coachella outfits fall into the cute festival realm and will demand bright colors and certain types of festival sets and festival accessories, which can add more constraints to the task.

Now take the above and add the fact that beautiful Curvy or Plus Size women can have trouble finding even casual clothing and you will find the reason why we decided to craft this article.

Now that we have explained a little bit what are the constraints, you need to remember 3 key elements to master the art of rave outfits:

  1. Comfort: People, especially new rave goers, overlook that one, but comfort is key as you will walk, dance, and jump for hours, the best outfit is the one you are forgetting you are wearing. Not the one that you have to re-position, or the one that is too tight, or even the one that hurts you after 30 min of dancing
  2. Rave look and theme: people go to Raves to express themselves and go wild. It does not mean that you have to go all wacky because of it, but it means that you can decide to do what you want, even more than festivals actually, raves is the place where you can look how you want, isn’t that beautiful? So do not limit yourself and remember comfort!
  3. Temperature: The selection of your outfit is also going to depend on the location and if it is outdoor or indoor. Having multiple layers to work with so you stay at the right temperature at all times, is a great trick. Just think of layering when you are building your outfit.

Note: In some cases on the listing below, even though the outfit works great in plus size, we did not manage to get a plus-size model version, but outfits here are for plus size no matter what is the picture nor the model.

A final note before you start scrolling down: You will find below a big range of different styles for Raves. It goes from “sexy”, showing a lot of skin, to wacky with crazy colors, to special and unique clothing that you can only wear in raves. Pick your style and don’t hesitate to mix it up!

The article will be split into 4 categories:

  1. Rave Top Outfit
  2. Rave Bottom Outfit
  3. Rave Outfits Sets (Top & Bottom) And Bodysuits
  4. Rave Additional Outfit

Now that you have our best tips in mind to select your outfit, let’s pick something fun and cool!
Note that all the items that are listed in this article (and this is valid for the whole website) are 4 stars out of 5 and above. We want you to get the best out of this post by saving you some time in your outfit research and finding great items for cheap.

Category 1: Rave Top Outfit

Women’s Casual Plus Size Fishnet Shirt

Women’s Plus Size Crop Top

Women’s Mesh Triangle Bra Top

Sleeveless Crop Top One Shoulder

Women’s Sexy Sequin Bra Crop Top

Sexy Fishnet Long Sleeve Crop Top

Mesh Crop Top Shirts for Raves

Many types and colors are available to check out!

Women’s Mesh Short Sleeve Crop Top

There are other cool styles available, check it out!

Women’s Metallic Keyhole Backless Bra

Other colors available

Women’s Short Sleeve Tee Crop Top

Many colors are available if you are not into black

Women’s Mesh Crop Tops Tee Blouse

Other patterns available

See Through Fishnet & Mesh T-shirts

See Through Fishnet Mesh T-Shirt

Women’s See Through Fishnet Shirts

Women’s See Through Fishnet t-shirt

Women’s Sexy Metallic Shimmer Tee

Women’s Pullover Crop Top Hoodie

Women’s Scoop-Neck Strappy Backless

If you like this style many colors are available.

Strappy Bralette, Wrap Around Tops

Women’s Sexy Deep V Neck T-Shirt

Long Sleeve Industrial Fishnet Shirt

Crop Bra See Through Rave Bralette

See Through Festival Rave Bralettes

Women’s Strappy Crop Top Shirt

Category 2: Rave Bottom Outfit

Scarf Outfits Skirt Rave Clothing

Maxi & Thigh High Rave Skirts

Other types of skirts are available if you are not into that one.

Scarf for Women with Fringes

Leg Wraps for Raves

Women’s Shiny Pleated Mini Skirt

You will find other colors for this skirt if you are not into silver.

Cheeky Cutout Festival Rave Bottoms

High Waisted Strappy Booty Shorts

Hot Outfit Shiny Short Pants

Velvet Outfits High Waist Mini Shorts

Ultra Soft High Waist Fashion Leggings

Sequins Tassel Skirts Shorts

Category 3: Rave Outfits Sets (Top & Bottom) And Bodysuits

Rave Rainbow Striped Mesh Bodysuit

Bodysuits Crew Neck Striped Mesh

Mesh Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Bodysuits

Bodycon High Neck Sexy Romper

Crop Top + Mini Dress Outfit

Category 4: Rave Additional Outfit

Plus Size Sparkle Fishnets Tights

Hollow Out Rhinestone Fishnet

Face Gems Glitter, Jewels

Nude Rave Pasties Nipple Covers

Heart Shape Sunglasses Candy

Stretchy Sheer Mesh

Leg Harness Caged Thigh Waist

Strappy Leg Garter Studded Hip Harness

Dust Rave Face Mask Bandana Headband

Holographic Fanny Pack

Kaleidoscope Rave Glasses

We will keep on refreshing this listing as new great products pop up from time to time, and the idea is really to provide the best selections so you can be confident regarding what to buy for your next festival or event.
We hope that what we listed did help you or inspired you, saving you some time in your research.
Enjoy your Rave and take care!

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