+70 Holographic Iridescent Rave Outfits Ideas To Buy

This is a trend that keeps coming back both in music festival outfits and rave outfits.

In this article, we cover head-to-toe the best selection and ideas for Holographic and Iridescent outfits for your next rave or festival.

Find below the breakdown:

  1. Holographic and Iridescent Set
  2. Holographic and Iridescent Dress
  3. Holographic and Iridescent Tops
  4. Holographic and Iridescent Bottoms
  5. Holographic and Iridescent Shoes
  6. Holographic and Iridescent Accessories

All items that are listed, are the best products on Amazon as they are all at a minimum of 4 stars out of 5 and above. We want you to get the best out of this post by saving you some time in your outfit research and finding great items for cheap.

Holo clothing is a great style both for rave and festival outfits, that will allow you to shine during the day and night!

1. Holographic and Iridescent Set

The selection below is our best pick for holographic and iridescent sets, and you will find both bodysuits and 2 piece sets. You will find some outfits that are way skimpier than others but it is so each person can find what styles suit them best.

Regardless of what you choose all of them are so cute people will never be able to take their eyes off you!

Women Holographic 2 Pieces Outfits Set

Metallic Halter Triangle

2 Piece Outfits Set Bra Top Mini Skirt

Hooded Crop Top Holo Sweatpant

Holographic Snakeskin Wrap

One Piece Sexy Lace Short

Off Shoulder Crop Top Mini Dress

Body Chain Gold Bra Skirts Set

Bra Crop Tops with Mini Bodycon Skirt

Strapless Bandeau Tube Bra Top Skirt

Neon Shiny Hologram Strappy Bikini 

Bikini Set Shiny Metallic 2 Piece 

2. Holographic and Iridescent Dress

Regarding this dress section, some outfits you saw above could be categorized as dresses but the focus here will be specifically on the one-piece outfits.

Mini Dress Ruffle Short Dresses

Holo High Waisted Skater Dress Silver

Sleeveless Holographic Skater Dress

Rave Clothes Holographic Wrap Circle

3. Holographic and Iridescent Tops

Here is the tops section that goes from only bras to other ones that could be considered accessories showing almost everything (we recommend here nipple pasties), to complete camisole.

Then you will find the rest of tops with t-shirts and jackets.

The choice is yours!

Keyhole Cutout Backless Crop Top Bra

Harness Waist Bikini Chain Bra Body

Rave Hologram Body Chest Harness

Women Shiny Star Tube Top Halter

Holographic Delfina Crop Top

Camisole Spaghetti Straps Tank Top

Strapless Crop Tube Top

. Holographic and Iridescent T-Shirts

Holographic Shirt Shimmer Sparkle

Mesh Tops Long Sleeve Sexy Tops

. Holographic and Iridescent Jackets

Rainbow Jacket Iridescent Transparent

Holographic Shiny Long Sleeve

Single Breasted Jacket

Holographic Jackets Shiny Metallic

Waterproof Rain Jacket Lightweight

Rainbow Custom Black Reflective Jacket

4. Holographic and Iridescent Bottoms

Here are great holographic bottoms items that could greatly fit your selected top.

We made sure each one of them could fit any specific style you had in mind.

Holographic High Waisted Bottom

High Waist Jogger Holographic

Pant Holographic Color

Hologram Shiny Pants 

Holo Lace-Up Festival Booty Shorts

J. Valentine Women’s High-Waist Short

Shiny Holographic Mini Skater Skirt

5. Holographic and Iridescent Shoes

Here are all the shoes or footwear for the top or bottom you have selected.

Some outfits that are not holo do work with a nice pair of holographic shoes though.

Many styles are displayed below, we let you pick the one that best suits you!

Cape Robbin Radio Holo Platform

Cape Robbin Downshifter Sneakers

Women’s High Heels Sandals

Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers

Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

Adidas Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Women Holographic Iridescent White

Platform Buckle Sandal

Glitter Sneakers Lace-up

adidas Women’s Adilette Shower Slides

Women Holographic Metallic Pyramid

Adams Hero Platform Sneakers

Holo Leather Glitter Fashion Sneakers

6. Holographic and Iridescent Accessories

Holo can also be added with specific touch it can go from some glitter to fanny packs to even belts or hydration backpacks.

Find the unique touch you need to complete your perfect outfit!

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter

3 Pieces Women Transparent Belt

Holographic Chunky Cosmetic Glitter 

Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

2 Pieces Holographic Fanny Pack

Holographic Fanny Pack– Fashion

CAI BEAUTY NYC Silver Glitter

Hydration Pack Backpack

We will keep on refreshing this listing as new great products pop up from time to time, and the idea is really to provide the best selections so you can be confident regarding what to buy for your next festival or event.

We hope that what we listed did help you or inspired you, saving you some time in your research.

Enjoy your festival or your event!

Take care!

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