Why Are Rave Outfits So Revealing? (5 Reasons)

Rave outfits and rave fashion have changed a lot since the 90s. It was not always as revealing as it is today, but many things come into consideration on why rave-goers are wearing revealing outfits.

The rave world is a unique and uncommon experience. People go to raves especially to be part of the music and the feel, some consider this as a merging experience with the music itself. The revealing part of the outfit is to unite with the rave environment, apply the PLUR philosophy, free yourself from society codes, express yourself artistically and with fun, and for comfort.

The 5 elements that drive Rave outfits come down to:

The Environment:

If you have never been to Raves, they are quite impressive in terms of location, sound systems, and all the visual effects which go from huge stages with big LED panels, lasers, flame throwers, confetti cannons, festivals grounds, fireworks, gigantic sculptures, etc…
When going to a Rave, you do enter another world, and trust us they want you to feel that way.

For people to feel that they are part of this extraordinary environment they dress accordingly which is in this case “over the top”. (Therefore people are everything but shy, quiet, or modest with their outfits.)
Because you are in a new and exceptional realm, you do want to dress in a new and exceptional way, you don’t have to, but just by being there, you feel something enticing that moves you towards that.

To put it simply, let’s say that “Raves are like spectacles/shows and you want to be part of it!”

The Philosophy:

In Raves, everything comes down to PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect). Do not ask us why, but surprisingly this attitude has a lot of adherence in the rave community.

This is big, the mentality is really around this message and it does stick. Now, do not get us wrong, it does not mean that no Raves had any problems or complications along the way but still people respect that PLUR.
Now let’s go one more step, why not apply PLUR to ourselves? For some reason, we are not practicing PLUR on us on a day-to-day basis, why?

We do think that PLUR has to be implemented and used in everything and for everyone. Here, because it is the actual topic why not apply it to our beautiful bodies?

To conclude this part, let us ask you a quick question… “Have you ever gotten naked in nature (or even at home actually) and felt toward your body and yourself Peace, Love Unity and Respect?” 🙂 (if you have never tried it, do it, it is liberating like nothing else)

So people don’t twist what we are trying to say: the point is not about being or getting naked, far from it, but rather going back to a connection with ourselves and if wearing skimpy clothing makes you happy, why not?

The Freedom:

When it comes to outfits for Raves you need to remember that all this, is Self-Expression. The beauty of raves (and that can also be true for festivals) is that they are judgment-free zones like nothing else on the planet.
Now, let’s talk about a touchy subject: “Female Rave Outfits”.

We think we can agree on the fact that the major factor that people have problems with are those skimpy outfits for females right? Even though we did not mention it, it is exactly what you had in mind!

Not that we don’t care about male outfits and how they dress but for people, it is less shocking.

Why is that?

This is delicate because we are touching a society code that has been ingrained in us.

Alright, unfortunately, females cannot wear what they want, when they want and that is a fact.

Often time we warn our sisters, our friends, or any females we know that want to show too much skin by telling them “you should not wear that”.

Note: “we are not saying it’s not the right thing to do but it’s the truth”.
For males, they can be shirtless any time of the day and that is ok for everyone…
Raves have the power to kill this and let women do what they want to do, which is liberating. Careful now, when it comes to really skimpy outfits like pasties, for instance, you will find two types of women:

  • The ones that do because it make them feel good about themselves, so it’s for them.
  • And others that actually want the attention, so it’s for the others.

Both are great but there is a difference in the approach.

The Art & The Fun:

We touched on it a little bit on the “Freedom” part but they do it because they can!

And for a lot of them, that is why, and because it is quite unique and exciting it actually becomes fun to wear. Wearing things you would never wear elsewhere!

Another sad fact about our society is that now the body is advertised a lot more for the sexual side of things than before, and that is why when women want to be left alone, they wear clothing that covers as much as possible their body.

Whereas in raves it is the opposite, the body is now used and displayed for an artistic side of things!

Which we think is beautiful!

If you are still not convinced, think of festivals in Brazil. Women basically invented the pasties, but if you go to Brazil women are not like that, they only do so on specific occasions and environments that are ” the festivals”.
For this one, it is both Art and embracing self-expression.

The Comfort:

Lastly, it is also about comfort. Raves gather a LOT of people and being in a crowd dancing, walking and jumping can make you hot and it is much better when you don’t wear too much clothing.

To Conclude:

These kinds of outfits are not what you think, it’s part of an experience and it’s about enjoying oneself.

That being said, it does not mean that you have to be careless and immature about it.

When in doubt, use PLUR, Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect with others and especially yourself.

Take care and enjoy your next event!

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