130+Bad Bunny Concert Outfit Ideas Plus Size 

Are you a beautiful curvy woman going to a Bad Bunny event, and you don’t know what to wear?

We got you!

We gathered a unique, original, and cute plus-size Bad Bunny outfit selection, so you can easily and efficiently put together your Bad Bunny concert outfit!

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1. Bad Bunny Fashion Plus Size Style

Bad Bunny Fashion Style

For us to guide you, so you can put together your ideal Bad Bunny concert outfit, we first need to dive into Bad Bunny’s fashion world.

As Bad Bunny has a long list of music videos and a wide range of outfit fashion styles we decided to gather and compile all of those looks into three categories:

  1. The Street Style: which can be compared to a casual style but edgier (Example from the music video for the song MIA)
  2. The Glamorous Look: in many music videos Bad Bunny went for the glamorous look with glitter and sequin dresses all over the place (Example from the music video Ni Bien Ni Mal)
  3. The Rave Style: some of the looks we have seen from Bad Bunny music videos are quite unique and, if not completely, the clothing is getting very close to what others may call rave wear (Example from the music video Que Pretendes)

Plus Size Fashion

While this post is exclusively for beautiful plus size, the three styles we have described right above are for both plus size and standard size.

Even though, we know some people might disagree with us, we firmly believe that every style is accessible to everyone no matter their body size.

Everyone should take care and be proud of their body no matter how skinny or how large.

Now, while we did our best to gather the best products and images for you to easily project yourself in outfits we did not always find the plus size model of the actual clothing.

That said, even though you will see below some standard body looks, we are putting them there because we know they have a plus-size version, and we also know it will look great on a plus-size body.

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How To Put Together The Ideal Bad Bunny Concert Outfit?

In order to put together your bad bunny concert outfit, there are five steps to go through.

The first step is to pick a style, we listed three styles which are the street, glam, and ravey style.

Pick one of the three you want to recreate (or a different one if you are not into those three) and start reviewing what you can do with the style, if not sure, you can also have a look at our outfit description examples.

The second step is to pick a color, while you could definitely go all-black or all-white, bad bunny concerts are full of colors, so we encourage you to be part of this colorful world.

Do not go too crazy with colors though, one color is great, and two colors max don’t go beyond that otherwise there is a great chance your outfit ends up making no sense.

The third step is to be daring with your outfit, you want to use that opportunity of going to a concert, to a Bad Bunny one no less, and step a bit out of your comfort zone to try new and exciting styles and outfits.

The fourth step is making sure your outfit is comfy.

And there is only one right way to do so, you have to put your whole outfit at home for an extended period, so you can absolutely make sure that you will not experience any chaffing, hurting, or discomfort once on the grounds.

The fifth step is to rock the event!

Once you have validated the comfort of your outfit, go out there and go feel sexy, cute, or empowered depending on the look you went for and have fun!

2. Bad Bunny Concert Plus Size Outfits

The selections we have made below will cover all of those 3 styles, street, glam, and rave, so you can easily put together your ideal Bad Bunny concert outfit or at the very least get your creativity rolling.

Every item and piece of clothing has been validated with plus size options.

The idea of the listing below is for you to mix and match tops and bottoms you like, so you can create your very own concert outfit.

Bad Bunny Street Style Outfits

Plus Size Sexy Halter

Plus Size Fringe Hem

Women Plus Size Sexy Criss

Stretchy Sleeveless Pleated

Women’s Casual Plus Size Fishnet Shirt

Women’s Plus Size Crop Top

Women’s Plus Size Tops

Casual Butterfly Print

Halter Deep V Neck Sexy

Plus Size Knot Front

Womens Casual Sleeveless

Sleeveless Crop Top One Shoulder

Short Sleeve Sequin

Plus Size Tunic Tops

Long Sleeve Tie Front

Sleeveless Hollow Out

Women’s Cow Print

Casual Solid Cut Out

Women’s Peasant Blouse

Women’s Scoop-Neck Strappy Backless

Bodycon Dresses

Women’s Sweet Heart

Women’s Off Shoulder

Swing Dress Sleeveless

Womens Plus Size Stretchy

Plus-Size Short Skater

Plus Size Sculpting Slim

Plus Size Jeans

Women’s Plus Size Casual

 Stretch Jersey Full

Bandage Plus Size Denim Shorts

Soft Flared Leggings

Women’s Swim Shorts

Plus-Size French Terry Capri with Pockets

Soft High Waisted Leggings

Cape Robbin Radio Holo Platform

Cape Robbin Downshifter Sneakers

Newbalance Women Fuelcore

Ultraboost Adidas Women Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture

Under Armour Sonic 4

TIOSEBON Women Sneakers

Bad Bunny Glam Style Outfits

Plus Size Glitter Sleeveless

Women Sparkly Sequin

Women’s Plus Size Sequin

Glitter Loose Bat

Women’s Plus Size Scoopneck

Sequin Tops Plus Size

Shirt Dress Sequin

Sparkle Sequin Tops

Sequin Short Sleeve

Women’s Sleeveless Sparkle

Summer Sexy Ruched

Sexy Summer 2 Piece

Plus Size Sleeveless Peplum

Crushed Velvet Spaghetti

Elegant Ribbed

Vintage Bustier Crop Top

Sleeveless Stretch Blouse

Sequin Glitter V-Neck Party

Swimdress Ruffle

Waisted Wide Leg

Plus Size Elastic Waist

Metallic High Waist

Plus Size Paperbag Waist

Casual Cropped Pants

Women’s Stretch Pull-On

Women’s High Waist Split

Women’s Straight Leg Dress

Plus-Size Skirted Bikini

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Dr Martens Kendra Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Goth Boots

Bad Bunny Rave Style Outfits

Women Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap

Womens Plus Size High Waist

Plus Metallic Halter

Plus Size Shiny Metallic

Shirt Plus Size Metallic

Plus Size Letter Print Sheer

Plus Size Splice Fishnet

Sexy Fishnet Long Sleeve Crop Top

Cotton Romper Onesie

Plus Size Sheer Mesh

Women’s Short Sleeve

Mesh Crop Top Shirts for Raves

Tribal Hollow Out Keyhole

Women’s Mesh Short Sleeve Crop Top

Women’s Metallic Keyhole Backless Bra

Women’s Short Sleeve Tee Crop To

Women’s Mesh Crop Tops Tee Blouse

Scoop Neck Bikini Set

See Through Fishnet & Mesh T-shirts

Women’s See Through Fishnet Shirts

Women’s See Through Fishnet t-shirt

Women’s Sexy Metallic Shimmer Tee

Women’s Strappy Crop Top Shirts

Women’s Pullover Crop Top Hoodie

Women’s Mesh Triangle Bra Top

Strappy Bralette, Wrap Around Tops

Long Sleeve Industrial Fishnet Shirt

Crop Bra See Through Rave Bralette

See Through Festival Rave Bralettes

Women’s Strappy Crop Top Shirt

Shorts Ripped Tie-dye

Basic Versatile Stretchy

Plus Size Flare Leg Palazzo

Plus Size Casual Cut Out

Print High Waisted

Floral Boho Elastic

Sheer Mesh Skirt

Scarf Outfits Skirt Rave Clothing

Maxi & Thigh High Rave Skirts

Sheer Tutu Skirt

High Bottom Tummy Control

Scarf for Women with Fringes

Leg Wraps for Raves

Women’s Shiny Pleated Mini Skirt

Cheeky Cutout Festival Rave Bottoms

Women’s The-Disco Pant

High Waisted Strappy Booty Shorts

Hot Outfit Shiny Short Pants

Velvet Outfits High Waist Mini Shorts

Ultra Soft High Waist Fashion Leggings

Sequins Tassel Skirts Shorts

Rave Rainbow Striped Mesh Bodysuit

Bodysuits Crew Neck Striped Mesh

Mesh Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Bodysuits

Crop Top + Mini Dress Outfit

Plus Size Sparkle Fishnets Tights

Hollow Out Rhinestone Fishnet

Face Gems Glitter, Jewels

Nude Rave Pasties Nipple Covers

Heart Shape Sunglasses Candy

Stretchy Sheer Mesh

Strappy Leg Garter Studded Hip Harness

Holographic Fanny Pack

Kaleidoscope Rave Glasses

Pastel Chunky Platform Tie Dye

3. Bad Bunny Plus Size Outfit Examples

If the examples we have described below are a perfect fit for you, great, that said the primary aim of those examples is to use them as inspiration.

We don’t want the examples to be guidelines to follow, you definitely can if it works for you, but we think that the creative power resides in the possibility to go freestyle.

And because we want you to create your own personal style and put together an outfit that works specifically for you, don’t hesitate to tweak, modify, change or discard the styles we described.

Make it your own and have fun with it!

Bad Bunny Street Style

If you are going for the street style you can start with either pants, skirts, or shorts for the bottom (can be either a black bottom, a colorful one, or a patterned one).

For the top, a beautiful, cute, colorful top (could be a cold-shoulder top, a backless top, a one-shoulder top, a crisscross top, or others, you can have a look at our selection above).

With this, you can add either a colorful (or normal color denim) denim jacket, a colorful hoodie, or a leather jacket as an extra layer.

For makeup go for the natural look, you can put some blush, mascara, and eyeliner but not much more.

You are going to a concert, so you will move and dance, and makeup and sweat don’t play along too well.

In terms of footwear, you can go either with combat boots or sneakers.

Bad Bunny Glam Style Example

For the Glam style, you can go two ways.

The first one, would be to start with black skinny jeans for the bottom and a beautiful, sequin, glimmer sexy top for the top, with that a black leather jacket is nice or depending on the top you can also go for a dark denim jacket.

The second option is to go with a full dress, with it a denim jacket or a leather jacket will be perfect.

Makeup-wise you can go heavier this time and the glamorous styles call for it, but again don’t go overboard as during concerts people sweat, and you will too (whether it is a summer or winter event, and remember even if you are not wearing much, the crowd tend to gather heat).

For footwear, as heels as a no-go for concerts (unless extra comfortable which is rarely the case), your best option is to go with combat boots.

Bad Bunny Rave Style Example

For the rave style, you can go either with colorful cool yoga pants, shorts, or a mini skirt for the bottom (as this is rave style you can go as crazy as you want in terms of colors or black color for the bottom work as well).

For the top either a matching color if you picked a colorful bottom or a nice and cute color that goes well with your dark bottom.

For footwear, you can go either go with sneakers or combat boots.

In terms of accessories, you can rock a pair of colorful glasses (a bit like Bad Bunny’s outfit for the performance at the Yankee Stadium) as well as some fishnets for either your arms or legs.

4. Conclusion and More Bad Bunny Inspiration

Whether you are a Bad Bunny fan or not we hope our selection helped you in creating your concert outfit.

Bad Bunny’s fashion style is wide so don’t be afraid to dare and have fun.

Also, concerts are unique opportunities to try new and exciting outfits so step a bit out of your comfort zone and have a blast at the concert!

If you are looking for more Bad Bunny inspiration you can also have a look at our other selection below.

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We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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