190+Machine Gun Kelly Concert Outfits: What To Wear?

You have a ticket for the next MGK concert and you don’t know what to wear?

We got you!

We gathered the best and most unique outfit list for you to create easily and efficiently your ideal MGK concert outfit.

We also guide you step by step, so you can easily come up with great concert outfit ideas specifically for you!

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1. MGK Music Genre, Style, and Fashion

To understand what would be the ideal outfit for a Machine Gun Kelly concert we first need to dive into his world from his music genre and into his own fashion style.

Music Genre

Machine Gun Kelly’s music genre is rich and has proven how talented he is no matter the genre he goes to.

That includes pop-rock, alternative rock, hip-hop, hip-hop rock, and punk-rock.

Because of all of those genres he worked with many famous artists including his long-lasting friend Travis Barker (Blink-182’s drummer and currently married to Kourtney Kardashian).

He has also collaborated with other big names like Halsey, Blackbear, Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfield, Willow, and many others.

Now fashion style and music genre are influenced by 4 elements:

  1. The first element is Machine Gun Kelly’s own and personal style
  2. The second element is that each music genres have its own fashion which is why a music genre by itself will influence the way people will dress in concerts, music videos, and so on.
  3. The third element comes from collaborations, each artist influences each other in terms of music, ideas, and even fashion styles.
  4. And the last element comes from the song itself. Each song has its own story and theme which is also a style to take into account.

Even with those 4 elements of influences, MGK manages for each music video and concert to perfectly combine each of those styles, his personal fashion style, the music genre style, the style from the collab, and finally the theme of the song.


It is the same thing for fashion; fashion has a big impact on the music industry.

Those 4 elements we cited above have an influence on music and also on fashion.

They have an influence on what they will be wearing while performing on stage or in a music video.

And here again, Machine Gun Kelly manages well those 4 elements regarding fashion whether it is for his concerts or music videos.


Now, even though it is hard to grasp what his exact style is, Machine Gun Kelly always manages to pull off any style he goes for.

We can see it in his concert, music videos, and interviews.

Fashion-wise MGK is multi-facets, and he does not limit himself to one style, better, yet he does not hesitate to mix and match other styles.

He knows what he can pull off and what he can’t, his style is his and quite unique. He knows what he is doing, this is why even though there are some styles he can’t do, very few people can pull off all the outfits he has worn.

All of this comes down to knowing himself, having confidence, and being daring, which is a bit what we are asking you to do for your outfit right below.

Ok So How Do I Put Together My MGK Concert Outfit then?

The reason we wanted to talk a bit about music genre, elements of influence, fashion, and MGK personal style is so you have a better approach to your own outfit.

The best way to put together a concert outfit is to go through four specific steps:

  1. Your body shape: MGK has a unique set of features and dresses accordingly. You have to do the same, you have to consider what you like but also what works best with your body shape.
  2. The Feel: Once you know what works best for your physique, the best way to come up with a great outfit is to know what kind of feeling you want to have when wearing your outfit. At the very least “confidence” should be one of the emotions you want to go for. This will help you know where to start.
  3. Step A Bit Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Concerts, festivals, and raves are unique and exciting opportunities to try new styles and new outfits. To get all the fun of putting together an outfit for the next event, we recommend trying things you would have never tried otherwise. If you feel a tiny bit uncomfortable it is a sign that you are in the right direction. Have a little fun!
  4. Comfort: Last but not least, whether it is for raves, festivals, or concerts you need to make sure the outfit is comfortable. Try it out at home for an extended period to make sure there is no chaffing, hurting, or discomfort.

2. MGK Concert Outfit Females

The idea of our listing is for you to mix and match tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories you like to create your ideal outfit.

We gathered as many MGK styles as possible, so you can find and put together your Machine Gun Kelly concert outfit or at the very least, so you get ideas and get your creativity rolling.

We recommend bringing an extra layer with you to the concert for both summer and winter.

For summer bring an extra layer because if the event is outdoors you don’t want to be cold as soon as the night comes and even if it is indoors we saw cases where the AC was too strong…

For winter bring an extra layer in case the indoor event has a too weak heating system, it happens…

Because you never truly know what the temperature is going to be, bring that extra layer with you and if you don’t want to keep it with you, you can either use a coat check if there is one or use lockers.

MGK Concert Female Tops

Dress Casual Tops Tee

Sexy Choker Buckle

Women’s Sleeveless Scoop

Women’s Criss Cross Backless Wrap Crop Halter Top

V Neck Camis Crop Top Vest

Back Tank Tassel Hem Cami Top

Cami Top Spaghetti Strap Rib Knit

Neck Off Shoulder Blouse Tops

Crop Top Sweatshirt Hoodies

Halter Deep V

Sleeveless Bodycon

Holographic Purple Top

Red Rave Glitter Sequin Butterfly

Holographic Shirt Shimmer Sparkle

V Neck Puff

Lettuce Trim Ribbed

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Strappy Backless

Boho off the Shoulders Plain top

Summer Strappy Button Down

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops

V Neck Twist Front

Women Sexy One Shoulder

Women Crop Top Tank Metallic

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops Sexy One

Women Halter Backless Crop Top

Cropped T-Shirts Fashion

Sexy Summer Backless

Women Crop Top Sexy

Dragon Print Long Sleeve

Cat Ear Hoodies

Anime Aesthetic Print

Long Sleeve See-Through Summer Top

Women’s See Through Fishnet & Mesh

Women’s Scoop-Neck Strappy Backless

Sexy Hollow Out Buckle Front for Rave

Sexy Lace Up Front

Women’s Long Sleeve

Sexy Sleeveless Central

Sexy Wet look

Women’s Butterfly Chain

Spaghetti Strap Cut

Women’s Strappy Mesh Crop Tops

Women’s Fishnet Crop Top

Other styles and colors are available

Women’s Long Sleeve Industrial Fishnet

Turtle Neck Sheer Mesh

Half Cami Lace Bra V Neck Camisole

Women’s Mesh Lingerie for Women

Halter Long Sleeve

Women’s Mesh Lingerie for Women

Sexy Straps Sleeveless

See Through Lingerie

Sexy Choker Buckle

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops Sexy One

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Violet Bustier Corset

Faux Leather Gothic Jacket

Black Casual Goth Jacket

Women’s Lingerie Fishnet

Sexy Sparkle Rhinestone

Women Rave Pentagram

MGK Concert Female Bottoms

Drawstring Plaid Ruffle

Dress Kawaii Plaid

Plaid Mini Skirts

Punk Lace Up Fishnet Gothic Pants

Gothic Legging Skull

Gothic Goth Punk Leggings

A-Line Short Knee Tutu Gothic Skirt

Simple Plain Skirt

Women’s Lace UpSide

Shorts High Waist Sexy

High Waisted Black

Criss Cross Shorts

Black Cargo Pants

High Waisted Cargo Pants

High Waisted Jogger

Sexy Shorts

Cut Out Elastic High Waist

Strappy Brief Bottom

Metallic Rave Booty

Metallic High Pants

Women’s Basic Solid Flared Skirt

Sheer, Fringe Skirts – Maxi & Thigh High

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Fishnet Tights Sexy Stockings

Women’s Sequins Tassel Skirts Shorts

Women’s Destroyed Ripped Shorts

Women’s Basic Solid Flared Skirt

Women Hollow Out Shorts

Women Girls Swim

Vibrant Junior High Rise Jeans

MGK Concert Female Footwear

Dr. Martens Womens 1460 Vonda Boot

Over The Knee High Boots

High Wild Diva Goth Boots

Women Wonder Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Kendra Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Goth Boots

Camel Ankle Goth Boots

Dr Martens Lace Up Women Boots

Kera Knee High Goth Boots

Damned Knee High Goth Boots

Women High Goth Boots

Kera Ankle Goth Boots

Knee High Goth Boots

Newbalance Women Fuelcore

Ultraboost Adidas Women Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture

Under Armour Sonic 4

TIOSEBON Women Sneakers

MGK Concert Female Accessories

Women Sheer Arm Warmer

Black Fingerless Arm Warmer

Goth Fishnet All Over Tights

You have a black version as well

Goth Fishnet Tights

Black Skull & Bones Tights

Gothic Fishnet Stockings

Goth Emo Heart Punk Necklace

Vintage Punk Goth Studded Rivet

12PCS Men’s Stainless Steel

Leather Bracelet Black Brown

Cool Rivet Spike

Punk Collar Choker for Women

Punk Bracelet for Men Women

Unisex Black Metal Spike

Necklace/Skull Feather Necklace

Women Goth Harness Thigh

Waist Belt Chain

Choker Necklaces

Layered Tassel Earrings

Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Black Long Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Women’s Ribbon wraps

Leather Harness

Sexy One Shoulder

Crop Hoodies For Women

Leather Leg Chain

Women’s Fishnet Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Women’s Leg Harness Caged Thigh

Punk Black Waist Chain Belt Leather Belly

Women’s Strappy Leg Garter Studded

Leg Avenue Women’s Industrial Fishnet

Women Fishnet Bodystocking Bodysuit

3. MGK Concert Outfit Males

The way to use the MGK list of outfits below is for you to mix and match tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories and put together your ideal concert outfit.

We went on to gather as many MGK styles as possible, so you can play around with the selection and put together your Machine Gun Kelly concert outfit or at the very least, so you get ideas and get your creativity rolling.

Also whether the event takes place in winter or summer we recommend you bring an extra layer.

For summer that would be because if the event is outdoor you don’t want to be cold when the night comes, or for an indoor event, if the AC is too strong…

And for winter bring an extra layer in case the indoor event has a too weak heating system…

MGK Concert Male Tops

Tie-Dyed Hipster Abstract t-shirt

All Over Graphic Longline

Hipster Hip Hop Ripped

Shirts Short Sleeve

Mens Distressed Henley Shirts

Hemline Pattern

Rock On Rock Star

Rock On Rock

Men’s Hipster Hip-Hop Premium Tee

Abstract T-shirt

Hipster Abstract t-shirt

Graphic Abstract Lines

Jeans Jacket Men

Windbreaker Coat Spring

Bomber 3D Print Men’s Lightweight

 Jacket For Men

Outerwear Casual Hooded

Leather Jackets for Men

Men Leather Jacket

Sleeveless Lapel Denim Jean

Men’s Brando Biker

Men’s Vintage Stand

Punk Rave Rock Mens

Streetwear Techwear

MGK Concert Male Bottoms

Men’s Rock Streetwear

Men’s Stretch Faux Leather

Men’s Ripped Slim

Men’s Street Wear Distressed

Triple Crown Open Bottom

Fashion Casual Cargo Pants

Camo Cargo Shorts

Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo

Match Men’s Straight

Men’s Chinos Slim Fit

Joggers Pants Long

Techwear Techno

 Joggers Cargo Pants

Mens Cargo Joggers

Techwear Pants

Slim Fit Track Pants – Athletic Jogger

Jogger Pants Techwear

Denim Shorts Classic

Jean Shorts Distressed

Fashion Casual Cargo Pants

Camo Cargo Shorts

Pants Cargo

MGK Concert Male Footwear

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Women High Lace Up Boots

Bronax sneakers with red accent

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Men Gothic Boots

MGK Concert Accessories

Necklace/Skull Feather Necklace

Faux Leather Steampunk Armor Cuffs

Cool Rivet Spike

Punk Collar Choker for Women

Punk Bracelet for Men Women

Unisex Black Metal Spike

Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

4. MGK Concert Outfit Examples

The examples we described below could be, if you like them, the exact outfit to put together, that said, we also recommend to not hesitate to mix and match different styles and go with your own instincts.

MGK Female Outfit Example 1

This first example will be based on one of Machine Gun Kelly’s music videos “Bloody Valentine” where Megan Fox wore black short shorts with fishnets for the bottoms and a black top along with a large leather black jacket with some red, green, and purple colors here and there for the top.

While in the video she does not wear shoes, the ideal footwear for this style would be comfortable combat boots.

For make-up go for a light touch of eyeliner with mascara and some blush.

MGK Female Outfit Example 2

The second example we have taken here is from what Halsey is wearing in Machine Gun Kelly’s music video “Forget Me Too”.

You could go for a short skirt (what we call Korean Skirt style) for the bottom and wear a white or black crop top for the top.

For footwear high boots works well but if you prefer you could also go for combat boots instead.

For this style, the make-up can be quite heavy and dark.

MGK Male Outfit Example 1

For the first male example, you could go for an easy yet effective Machine Gun Kelly look.

For the bottom pick ripped black pants and wear a graphic t-shirt for the top.

For footwear, combat boots are best for this style.

MGK Male Outfit Example 2

For this example, we will take the all-black ensemble that MGK decided to wear for his music video “Spotlight”.

Go with black denim pants for the bottom and a black tank top with a leather jacket for the top.

For footwear go for combat boots.

Regarding accessories and this style, you could add some round sunglasses as well as a heavy necklace chain.

Another chain could also be attached to the pants.

5. Conclusion And More Inspiration

Whether you are an EST (Everybody Stands Together, name of MGK fans) or not we hope this selection helped you create your ideal Machine Gun Kelly concert outfit for the event coming up.

Remember to do what feels best for you, you can either copy-paste the examples we have described above to create your outfit, or you can also take some inspiration there and mix and match outfits from other styles.

There are no rules, just examples and ideas, we want you to have fun with this.

Putting together a concert outfit is quite exciting, and it gives people the opportunity to try new things.

Remember to base your outfit on your body shape, to project the feel you want when wearing the outfit, to dare new styles, and to make sure that your outfit stays comfortable even after wearing it for a while.

If you would like more inspiration and ideas for concert outfits, have a look at our selections below.

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We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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