90+Lil Nas X Concert Outfits For Male And Female

Going to see Lil Nas X on his first world tour, and you don’t know what to wear?

We got you, if you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the show, look no further!

We’ve put together over 90 different outfit ideas for both men and women, so you can be sure to rock the event in style.

Whether you want to dress up or keep it casual, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to turn some heads at the show!

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1. What To Wear To A Little Nas X Concert?

To guide you in the best way possible to put together your Lil Nas X outfit we first need to dive a little into his fashion world.

What Is Lil Nas X’s Fashion Style?

Lil Nas X is known for his unique fashion sense.

He often combines disparate elements to create a look that is entirely his own.

He can go from full cowboy style with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and fringes to go with his famous song “Old Town Road” (click here for the music video), to a pink prison outfit in “Industry Baby” (click here for industry baby) and wear everything in between.

And we were only talking about his music videos, he had other style moments on red carpet events during the bet awards, variety’s hitmakers brunch, and CMA awards.

During those, he wears jaw-dropping designer outfits that are all more striking than the next one, with robes, sheer clothing, harnesses, tiny sunglasses, eye makeup, and so on.

As another example, he has been working with the brand Coach to create his outfits for his first world tour referencing some American Heritage and adding creative elements with the coach team.

All that said, as he likes to be comfortable he does wear casual clothing occasionally but more often than not his fashion style can be described as unpredictable, unusual, and sometimes out-of-this-world.

Lil Nas X isn’t afraid to take risks with his style, and that’s one of the things we love about him.

He’s always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what is considered fashionable so much so that he did end up in a tricky situation and had a standout moment during his SNL performance.

During this, he had an outfit malfunction and ripped his pants but did finish the show like a true professional something he discussed in a talk show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Whether he’s rocking a designer label or something her stylist Hodo Musa put together, Lil Nas X always looks fabulous.

And we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

But what about you now?

What can you wear to his concert?

How Do You Dress To A Little Nas X Concert?

Lil Nas X’s style is always high in colors, more often than not revealing, and always pushes the boundaries of fashion.

That being said, all concert outfits need to be comfortable.

So the work here is really to combine comfort with style (this is why we gathered many styles below for you to check for the upcoming concert, click here for women’s Lil Nas X outfits and click here for men’s Lil Nas X outfits).

Besides the obvious comfort of the outfit, what you will end up wearing will also depend on the season the concert will take place in.

If it is not spring or summer, maybe you want to take a step back from the most revealing elements of our listing.

That said, you can’t go wrong if you go for an outfit that has a lot of colors can be pastel, gold, silver, or even neon the sky is the limit.

2. Women Lil Nas X Concert Outfit List

As Lil Nas X goes for many looks, the selection we have made below covers a lot of styles, so you can easily create a unique concert outfit or at the very least get your creativity rolling.

The aim of this listing is, so you can easily mix and match tops and bottoms you like, so you can put together your ideal Lil Nas X concert outfit.

So go ahead and see what unique ideas you can come up with for a cute or sexy look.

Women Lil Nas X Outfit Tops

2 Piece Outfits

Sexy Deep-V Sequin

Womens Sparkly Sequin Camisole

Women’s Sleeveless Sparkle

Women’s Sexy Halter Fish Scale Sequin

Sexy Sheer Mesh Glitter

Sleeveless Camisole Club

Top Sequin Halter

Sequin Sparkle Metallic

Sparkly Sequin Dress Sexy

Sexy Sleeveless Plunging Neckline

Women Casual Sexy 

Fishnet top Hoodies

Women Sexy One Shoulder

Long Sleeve Stand Collar

Women Casual Oversized Sexy

Sexy Ruched Tie Up Crop

Women Crop Top Tank Metallic

Women’s Criss Cross Backless Wrap Crop Halter Top

Women’s Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve

Sexy Lace Up Front

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Sexy Wet look

Women’s Strappy Mesh Crop Tops

See Through Mesh Without Bra

Plus Size Sheer Blouse

Women’s Long Sleeve Mock

Crop Top T-Shirt Mesh

Long Sleeves Mesh Sheer

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops Sexy One

Women’s Sleeveless Scoop

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Women’s Metallic Keyhole Cutout

Metallic Rave Tops

Criss Cross Lace White

Rave Fluffy Fur Triangle 

Rhinestone Bandeau

Bodysuit Top Leotard

Rhinestone Sheer Mesh Long

Women Sexy Holographic Metallic

3 Piece Swimsuit Metallic Halter

Women’s Reflective Crop Top

Bodysuits for Women Black Crew Neck

Women Black Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve

Shiny Metallic Crop Hoodies for Women

Women Lil Nas X Outfit Bottoms

High Waisted Wide

Skater Skirt

Pleated Mini Skirt

Women’s Sequins Tassel Skirts Shorts

Women’s High-Waist Short

Sheer, Fringe Skirts – Maxi & Thigh High

High Waisted Split

Buckle Cut Out High Waist

Belly Dance Hip Scarf for Women

Hip Scarf Performance Outfits Skirt

Shorts Booty Short Pants

Women’s Metallic Shorts Elastic Waist

Joggers Pants for Women High Visibility

Casual Sparkle Sequin Glitter Bling

High Waisted Black

Women’s Sequin Skirt High

Women’s Shiny Flared Pleated Mini

Ripped Hole Denim Shorts

 Rave Booty Dance Shorts

Sexy Sheer Mesh

Sexy Shorts

Cut Out Elastic High Waist

Metallic Rave Booty

Women Girls Swim

Leather Fringe Skirt 

Sexy Ripped Hole Denim

Neon Leggings – Neon Retro

Women’s Metallic Shiny Shorts

Women’s Americana Rainbow

Jogger Naughties

Women’s Shiny Metallic Wet Look

Flashing Blinky Lights

Neon Sparkly Glitter Space Cowboy

Light Up Cowboy Hat

Light Up Iridescent Pink Space Cowgirl

Women Girls Dancing

Women’s Bodycon Mini Skirts

Shoes Fashion Tennis

Light-up sneakers

Fiber Optic Shoes

Blacklight Heart Body Stickers

Neon Temporary Tattoos

Fishnet Long Gloves

Fashion Green Glasses

Dr Martens Kendra Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Goth Boots

3. Men Lil Nas X Concert Outfit List

To match Lil Nas X’s creativity we covered as many styles as possible, so you can easily create a cool concert outfit in no time, or at least get fresh ideas for your creativity.

The idea of the selection below is, so you can easily mix and match tops and bottoms you fancy and easily put together your outfit.

So have a look to see what elements you can combine for the perfect outfit.

Men Lil Nas X Outfit Tops

Sequin Sleeveless Round

Luxury Dress Shirts Stylish

Luxury Gold Prom Design

Men’s Glitter Sheer

Shirts Stylish Flower Print

Luxury Dress Shirt Long Sleeve

Mens Floral Rose Printed Long

Luxury Design Shirts Floral Dress

Luxury Jacquard Long

Sparkle Sequins Polo

Shiny Sequins Short Sleeve

Metallic Tank Top T Shirt

Stylish 80’s Retro T-Shirt

Fishnet Mesh See Through

Men’s Sexy Fishnet See Through

Tie-Dyed Hipster Abstract t-shirt

NYC Street Fashion Longline Print T-Shirt

Light Up Hoodie Jacket Sweatshirt

Funny Jersey Sleeveless

Graphic Tank Top Sleeveless Shirts

Mesh Fishnet Sleeveless Muscle Top

Sexy Lace-up See Through

Vibrant Sleeveless Tank Top Shirts

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

3D Printed Short Sleeve Top T-Shirts

Metallic Shiny Long Sleeve Button-Down

Hot Pants Spandex Leotard Bodysuit

Two Color Conversion Shiny

Luxury Paisley Shiny

Men’s Shiny Sequins

Mens Cardigan All Over

Jacket Costume

Two Button Dress Party

Luxury Casual Dress

Button Daily Blazer

Casual Slim Fit Printed Jacket

Men’s Metallic Jacket

Black REAL Lambskin Leather

Men Lil Nas X Outfit Bottoms

Mens Night Club Metallic

Mens Night Metallic Silver

Sunglasses VE 2140 BLACK

Sunglasses For Men Goggle Alloy

Metallic Shiny Jogger

Metallic Suit Pants/Straight

Men’s Stretch Faux Leather

Men’s Ripped Slim

Men’s Rock Streetwear

Fashion Casual Cargo Pants

Camo Cargo Shorts

Mens Joggers Pants

Holographic Flared Legging Pants

Vibrant Shorts for Music Raves

Fun Metallic Booty Shorts

Men’s Fun Booty Shorts

Summer festival booty shorts man rave

Jogger Pants Graphic Sweatpants

Jogger Pants Graphic Baggy Drawstring

Graphic Baggy Drawstring Sweatpants

Pants Breathable Below Knee Short Pants

Casual Graphic Trousers Sweatpants

Jogger Pants Graphic Sweatpants

Men’s Fleece Joggers Galaxy

Sweatpants Funny Joggers Pants Sports

Metallic Shiny Wetlook Pants

Rainbow Reflective Shorts

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Combat Oxford Boot

Combat Military Boots

Combat Boots Leather Cap

Sparkly Glitter Space Cowboy

Holographic Blue Space Cowgirl

Space Black Cowgirl Hat

Fiber Optic Shoes

Breathable Fashion Sneaker

USB Charging Light Up

Neon ties

LED Hat Lighted Glow Baseball Cap

Light Up Fanny Ties

Neon Colors Luminous Glowing Cap

LED Suspenders

4. Women Lil Nas X Outfit Examples

Please note that the outfit examples below are not necessarily to be taken as strict guidelines (if it suits you great though!).

The best use of those descriptions is to grab some inspiration here and there to create your own version of a cool Lil Nas X outfit.

That said with our selections above you can readily and easily create a cool Lil Nas X concert outfit.

Women Lil Nas X Outfit Example 1

You can start with a sequin skirt for the bottom and add a cute black or colorful top for the top.

If you feel you might be a bit cold you can add a sheer or see-through top (if you want some outfit tops inspiration you can click here).

For footwear, you can go for combat boots.

In terms of accessories, you can add a colorful cowboy hat to complete your outfit!

Women Lil Nas X Outfit Example 2

Start with black shorts or pants for the bottom and add a glittery sexy top for the top (if you want to have a look at our women’s Lil Nas X outfit selection click here).

If you want to add an extra layer, you can always add a cool leather jacket.

Accessory-wise, add a glittery cowboy hat!

In regard to footwear, sneakers or combat boots are the best options.

5. Men Lil Nas X Outfit Examples

As for the women example, if you feel that one of our descriptions suits you perfectly, great!

That said, what we really are trying to do here is to give you inspiration so use our examples and feel free to tweak them, change them and modify them at will to put together your personal version of a Lil Nas X concert outfit!

Men Lil Nas X Outfit Example 1

You can start with a holographic bottom can be shorts or pants for the base and add a sheer top for the top (click here to see our male Lil Nas X selection).

If you want to add some extra layer to your outfit because you fear you might be cold, you can add a sparkly leather jacket on top.

In terms of footwear, go for either combat boots or sneakers.

Regarding accessories, you can add a colorful cowboy hat!

Men Lil Nas X Outfit Example 2

Start with metallic wet-look pants for the bottom, and add either a graphic tank top or a fishnet top for the top.

As an extra layer, you can always add a wet-look shirt or glittery shirt, or if you need something warmer you can go for a full-on leather jacket.

To complete the look you can add a cowboy hat with lights on it.

In terms of footwear, go for either combat boots or sneakers.

6. Conclusion And More Lil Nas X Outfit Ideas

Fashion wise Lil Nas X could be considered as self-expression itself.

If not the most, he is one of the most daring pop stars as he is always wearing outstanding and new styles all the time.

So we invite you to do as he does, step a bit out of your comfort zone, let go and have fun putting together your Lil Nas X concert outfit.

Whether you are a Lil Nas X fan or not we hope we helped you create your concert outfit for the upcoming event.

If you are looking for more inspiration you can have a look at all the Aaron Idelson photos, he captured many Lil Nas X looks, or you can also have a look at our other selection below.

More Lil Nas X Outfit Ideas: Rave Outfits

Surely some outfits Lil Nas X wore either during his music videos or interviews can fall under the category of rave wear.

If you are more into rave outfits, you can click here and discover our full rave outfit selection:

  1. Click here to see our women’s rave outfit selection
  2. Click here to see our men’s rave outfit selection

More Lil Nas X Outfit Ideas: Neon Outfits

For a lot of his outfits, he also likes to play around with vivid colors like neon and such.

If you want more neon-like outfit inspiration, you can click here and view our full neon outfit listing to keep your creativity rolling.

We hope this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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