Festival and Raves: How to find people to go with? Full Guide

Most people go to festivals and raves with friends, but what if you don’t have any available, or what if they don’t want to go?

Three options are available to you if you don’t want to end up alone at the event. You can motivate your friends, find a group online that will let you in their group, and finally, you can go by yourself and make friends there.

We cover each of those three options in this article to give you all our best tips on finding people to go with, so you can make the most of the experience!

Tips to motivate your friends

Those tips will not work with every friend, but you can give it a go with the ones that are not quite sure if they really want to go or not.

It is just the ones that need an extra poke or a little push to get the excitement they need to go with you.

Make sure they like the artist or at least the genre

Before you try to convince your friends:

  1. Make sure that the line-up has one artist they love
  2. or if they don’t know any of them, make sure at least that they like the genre

Then, if you tick one or both of those criteria, describe how cool it will be to live the experience live.

If none of those criteria can be ticked with your friend, your only hope is going to be that they are open-minded to new experiences and genres of music.

Show them how cool it can be

First off, as raves and festivals are meant to be lived and not explained, it can be hard to put the right words together to describe properly how it will feel.

But still, give it a go and show them the best videos or pictures you can find online to motivate them.

Let them know how profound it can be for your friendship

Going to raves or festivals with friends is an incredible experience that can create lasting memories.

Whether you’re dancing under the starry sky to your favorite music, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of a crowd of thousands, or bonding over the highs and lows of the event, there’s no denying that these events are simply unforgettable.

Additionally, sharing this experience with trusted friends enhances its magic and makes it even more special.

Besides, at a rave or festival, you never know what might happen next. You might make new friends, stumble onto an incredible act that blows your mind, or witness an awe-inspiring sunrise.

By venturing into this world together and embracing the adventure, you expand your minds and build closeness with those who truly matter to you.

So tell your friend that if he or she wants to partake in one of life’s most magical experiences and make wonderful memories, this is the way to go, so grab tickets and grab life by the beat!

Tell them that it can really be a life-changing experience

For many people, going to a rave or a music festival is a life-changing experience.

These events provide an opportunity to let loose and have fun, while also exposing attendees to new music and cultures.

In addition, festivals and raves often take place in stunning natural settings, which can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of daily life.

Attendees often leave these events feeling refreshed and invigorated, with a renewed appreciation for the joys of life. For those who have never been to a festival or a rave, it is well worth considering making the trip. It may just be the best decision you ever make.

Explain to them that they will discover an amazing community

Attending raves or festivals is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. These events are renowned for their friendly, supportive atmosphere, and they attract a community of people who are united by their love of music, creativity, and freedom.

Additionally, this community provides a safe environment where you can fully be yourself without judgment or criticism. So if your friend is looking to experience something truly special and make some great new connections in the process, he or she will not be disappointed.

Last resort Tip: buy half or the whole ticket for your friend

If you feel it’s more of a money problem, and you can afford it, you can offer them to pay half of the ticket or the whole ticket.

We added that one as a last resort because we are quite reluctant to motivate people to go with us just because it is free.

When you pay for your own ticket, the experience has inevitably more value to you, and “forcing” people to go when they are not really into it usually leads to disappointment.

To sum up, only try to convince people that might come and not the ones that are completely turned off by it.

More often than not, when you force people too much, they end up regretting it. Therefore, you can be pushy but if you feel they are too far from accepting or wanting to join you, let it go.

And if your friend can’t or decided that he or she will not come, you can always find people before the event or during the event, more on that below!

Tips to find a group before the event

Searching for a group to go with online takes a bit of time, but can really be worth it.

How to find them?

Facebook families

Facebook is a great place to start. There are a number of groups dedicated to connecting people who are attending the same event.

In these groups, you can introduce yourself, post about your interests, and start making plans to meet up with other attendees.

Additionally, many festivals and raves have their own Facebook pages where you can learn about the event and connect with other attendees.

Reddit group and camp Reddit

Reddit is another great option. There are tons of Subreddits devoted to specific genres of music, festivals, and rave events.

From there you can either find individuals, groups, or even camp reddits that are open for new group members. The Reddit community is quite impressive on that front.

Discord servers and chats

Discord can also be a great source to find groups of people to go with.

Besides, many events today have official discord servers, organized by event promoters or the venue itself, making them a great way to network and connect with people. Also, a great way to find your new squad.

Meetup groups

And finally, Meetup can also be a fantastic option for finding groups for your next event.

There are many great meetup groups out there that can help you connect with other like-minded people who are also looking to meet new friends and have an amazing time at the event.

These groups typically hold regular get-togethers both before and after the festival, so it’s easy to connect with other singles and make plans to attend together.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some pre-festival drinks or bounce around the dance floor all night long, meetup groups are a fantastic way to find people who love going to festivals or raves as much as you do.

How to make friends during raves or festivals?

Raves and festivals are one of the best and easiest social events to make friends.

That said, it can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will soon see how easy it can be to join a group and make friends during the event.

First, when you arrive on-site try to enjoy and relax, be in the moment, enjoy the music and appreciate other people around you.

It can be easier to find people that are either alone or detached from their group to create the first contact.

You can definitely introduce yourself to a whole group, but if are not comfortable talking to a group, don’t do it, because the more relaxed you are, the better.

The Human Psychology Of Meeting New People

In order to know how to approach someone or a group, first, we will have to talk about a bit of human psychology. Subconsciously, two things happen when a human being meets another human being.

When meeting a new person, the first subconscious question that pops up is, “are you safe, are you a danger to me?”.
This is why smiling is THE best way to introduce yourself or make contact.

Then, once the first question is answered subconsciously, the second that will pop up is “can I trust you?”.

The second one is harder to convey because, for one, it takes time, and second, you cannot really allow yourself to mess it up, even once, otherwise, trust will be lost.

So for the second question, know that it is a continuous loop of questioning trust that plays for a certain period of time in the person’s mind to finally validate you as a trustworthy person.

Ok, you got that?

Enough with human psychology now let’s be practical.

Meet them early

People are usually more open and receptive at the beginning of an event before they get tired, or before their minds are not so sharp…

Plus, it’s easier to remember someone you meet at the beginning, rather than later on when everything starts to blur together.

And, furthermore, you’ll have a better chance of getting to know them before they get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the event.

So if you’re feeling shy, try to step out of your comfort zone and approach people early on.

Make sure to be in a space where the music is not too loud

Obviously, if the music is too loud, you will not be able to be heard, hear and interact with other people properly.

We say this because more often than not, you will find yourself in a seemingly perfect situation to start a conversation, but you forgot about the music covering everything you say.

Keep in mind that people that are close to the stage are obviously there for the music and the performance, whereas people at the back will be more chill and more open to conversations.

So, focus your attention on the back of the crowd, where there will likely be more room to move around and talk comfortably.

Have a friendly vibe, don’t be pushy, and if people are ignoring you, move on

In a rave or festival setting, if you bring a friendly vibe, and just having the time of your life, you will make friends in no time.

However, it’s important to be respectful and not pushy when approaching potential new friends. Most people will be open and responsive to your signals, but some may not.

Remember that not everyone there is necessarily looking for friends or new connections.

Some people may just be there for the music and nothing else, so it is important not to take it personally if they don’t seem immediately interested in getting to know you.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to approach others and start up conversations.

So, if someone is ignoring you, just carry on. There is really no need to force a friendship, there are plenty of people at the event who would love to make a new friend.

Also, be authentic, be yourself, and don’t pretend you lost your friends. Just say you came for the music and are looking for party pals and gals.

Like we said, most people will be in a mood to socialize, it is also important that you don’t get in your head too much, just be in the moment and be open to people around you.

Smile plus eye contact

The first contact should always be eye contact with a smile, you don’t want to surprise or startle people out by getting too close to talk to them if they did not notice you first.

From there, the “go” or “no go” entirely depends on how you feel about him, her, or them. If you feel you can talk to him, her, or them, that is the moment.

“Ok, I made eye contact, I am smiling, and I am feeling good about this now what?”, well once the contact is made you only need a small hook to start a conversation and let the flow do the rest.

Break the ice and strike a conversation with smart hooks

As this will take place in a rave or a festival environment, the most difficult step will be to break the ice and show that you are friendly.

The “getting to trust you” part takes too long anyway, so it does not fully apply in this kind of setting at first.

That said, if you were to party with the same group multiple times, you have your shot at getting the full trust of all members of the group.

This is why below we will specifically focus on the “breaking the ice” part.

We want to give you some hooks ideas, so you don’t fumble when it’s time to act normal and friendly.

Hook #1: Use your smile

A smile can be enough for raves or festivals to work as a good hook.

Smiling people seem more open, and if you seem to enjoy your time people will naturally be attracted to you.

So, when you see someone enjoying the music like you, don’t be afraid to smile and make some gestures.

These simple acts can help create a connection between you and the other person, from there it could even lead to a discussion when you’re taking a break from dancing.

Of course, it’s important to respect people’s personal space, so it’s best to wait for moments when the other person is not actively dancing before attempting to engage them in conversation.

But if you take the time to reach out, you have more chance of finding yourself making a new friend who shares your passion for music.

Hook #2: Use the outfit

Wear a t-shirt from an artist that people can relate to or put on some merch about an artist that will perform during the night or just even an artist that is well known by the community can help.

If done right, more often than not, people will actually come to you to make a comment about your shirt, hat, or any merch you might have on you.

You can also make a comment about the other person’s outfit and see where the conversation goes from there.

Outfits and merch are great conversation starters.

Hook #3: Use Kandi

Kandis are great openers as well. Even though this one is mostly valid in North America, it really does work like a charm.

After meeting someone, if you feel a special connection, you can always give a Kandi bracelet.

Hook #4: Give away some goods

Giving away goods to others is a great way to make friends and connect with people.

Here is a list of goods you can bring to give away:

  • Glow sticks
  • Gum
  • Cigarettes
  • Hand warmers (if in a cold season)
  • Lighters
  • Vicks vapo inhaler

These simple items can be a great way to strike up a conversation and start building relationships with people around you.

By sharing your belongings with others, you are demonstrating that you care about their experience and want to make sure that they have everything they need for a good time.

This kind of thoughtfulness will be deeply appreciated and will greatly help in meeting new friends.

Hook #5: Use what you have in common at that moment, you are both there

One easy hook to start a conversation with someone new is to take note of your surroundings.

All of them are classics, but if the person is OK to talk to you, those will be a great conversation starter.

Here is a list you can use:

  • “This is such a great set, have you seen this artist before?”
  • “The show is amazing, is it your first time?”
  • “Are you here alone?”
  • “Do you come here often?”
  • “Do you know this artist?”

No matter what approach you take, using your surroundings as a starting point for conversations can help to see if the person you are talking to will be open to a discussion or not.

After a successful hook, just ask to hang out with her, him, or them

This is it, just ask simply “hey I am by myself, can I hang with you guys?”.

And you are done.

You will have a variety of answers, but the vast majority will say yes.

Going to raves and festivals can be a lot of fun, but after all our tips, what do you do if you’re still by yourself and don’t want to miss out?

The answer: Just hang out by yourself, you can totally do it, festivals and raves are perfect for being alone. If you are interested in how to do so, we have made a full guide on going to a festival alone or raving solo, just click here.

We hope this article did help you though, and we want you to have a blast at your next event!

Be safe and have a great rave or festival!

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