First-Time Rave: The Ultimate Guide

So, this is it, you are going to a Rave!

This is really exciting, but if you are like us before going to our first rave, you may also feel a bit nervous and anxious. More and more questions are emerging in your mind, and you don’t really have a clue about what is ahead of you.

We understand completely where you are at. But do not worry, we are here to guide you and give you all of our best tips, so you can go to your first rave feeling secure, safe, and 100% excited.

Alright, how do we go about enjoying the first rave to the max?

As a first-time raver, you need to know that depending on the location, the kind of rave, and what you intend to do, the experience can be radically different. Also, if you rave with friends or you are just by yourself, the adventure can also quite different. As this is a totally different topic, if you would like to know more, we have a full guide on “how to rave alone”, just click here.

You need to know that Underground raves are different from mainstream raves, which are again different between the US and EU.

Rave vibe and style have a large spectrum that goes from the light and carnival type to a darker, more mysterious or daunting vibe.

Depending on which rave, where it is, and what you are planning to do, many things need to be taken into account. But do not worry, we have broken down all the tips you need to strive for your next rave, whatever the case may be.

General Rave Tips

Whether you go to a mainstream rave, underground rave, US rave, or EU rave, all the tips below will apply.

Anxiety tips

We know that, especially for the first time, anxiety levels can go through the roof for these kinds of events. Furthermore, all first-timers will feel this stress and fear, but not everyone will feel it the same way and or at the same intensity.

There are many factors that come into play that make people feel this strong stress, pressure, and fear for those types of events.

For some, the stress will come from the fact that it is the first time (fear of the unknown), others will be because of agoraphobia, others because of social anxiety, and finally others because of all of the above.

In order to really enjoy the rave and not feel crushed before and during the event, find below our best tips.

Note: we are not experts on anxiety, we are simply sharing what has been successful with people we know that were stressed, nervous, and afraid with those kinds of events. Even though every tip we are giving you here comes from actual experiences, it does not necessarily mean it will work for you.

We deeply hope that all of our tips will give you some help, peace of mind and even put you in the right mindset, but we, unfortunately, can’t confirm that it will work for everyone 100% of the time. Thank you for your understanding.

Going there before the event

You will not always be able to do this one, but if you can, and you know the address of where it will happen, going there during the day can greatly help with anxiety.

Being there and having a look at what it could be, without the crowd, the bars, the sound, and the overall energy can give you a sense of peace at the time of the event.

Because you will already know the place, you know where things are, and your mind will know where you are in space, you will not feel like you are lost in an environment you don’t know.

Of course, some raves will take place in conventions or private spaces you will not be able to enter, but that is fine.

You can still go near the entry and at least have a look at the surroundings and get to know how to go there, it will have the same effect.

This tip will obviously not work if you are planning on going to an underground rave. The whole idea is to not let people know in advance where it will take place…

Wear a mask

We also know that identity and anxiety can be related.

If people know who you are, or even see your face, it can bring some pressure on how well you dance, how well you socialize, how relaxed you are, etc…

This is a judgment problem usually, and if you have anxiety it could be because you fear people will judge you.

That said, know that raves are arguably the best type of event where people will be the least judgmental about what others do or who they are.

But know this, as you will be able to wear any type of outfit, we have found that wearing something that can cover your face can help with anxiety.

And if you can find something that does cover your face and that can make you cool, even better!

Change your mindset from you going into a big crowd to just having fun

The stress can also come from the mindset you might have for the event. Your mind might be focusing on the fact that it will be loud, that it will be crowded with all kinds of people, and just not feeling safe in a new environment.

By doing so, you are focusing on the wrong things.

Going to a rave is all about having fun (whether with friends or solo), and gathering with people that have the same love for music and live performance as you do.

Therefore, think of it as going to a place to have fun with people that are simply like you.

Go with friends that know how to reassure you

One of the best options would be to go with one person that knows you really well and that knows how he or she can help you if you feel it’s too much.

Having that person beside you the whole time can give you a ton of courage to actually go out of your comfort zone because with him or her you will have a kind of a safety net.

Big crowds actually make you invisible

That is pure logic, but the more people there will be the less you will be visible.

Besides, people actually don’t really pay attention to who is around, and furthermore, they are not there for that. Whether you are at the front, middle, back of the crowd, people will just don’t care.

Everyone is facing in the same direction which is the sound and the performer, so if you do merge with the crowd you kind of become invisible.

Focus on the music and the DJ

Do what you came for, which is to enjoy the music and the show, immerse yourself in it. Basically, do what people do, which is to be there for the music.

We don’t want to sound too spiritual but raves kind of are, focusing on the music and letting the experience express itself through you will be liberating.

It will free you from who you are, from all your responsibilities, your constraints, the hard parts of life will dissipate, and you can become one with the music and the energy.

Some people even close their eyes during a whole set, because they are vibing to the mix, and they let themselves go.

Focus on the music and merge with the experience and if you do it well your mind will let loose, and before you know it you will be enjoying yourself!


Even if you don’t want to, forcing yourself to smile just will release some tension in your mind and body. Trust us, it works. And if you are curious on why that works you can follow the link and click here!

So if you feel tensed or stressed, force yourself to smile, and it will help you think differently and give you the poke you need to think positively about what is happening.

To conclude the anxiety part, remember that YOU make the experience, just let yourself go and have fun.

No one will be judging you, everyone, you included, is there to enjoy the music, so be in the present moment, feel the sound, immerse yourself and let your sense of self dissolve in the experience.

Close your eyes

When you’re at a festival or rave and feel anxiety creeping in, don’t let it get the best of you. Instead, close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on the music. Imagine yourself melting into the beat, feeling its warmth and power wash over you. Let go of any worries or concerns that are holding you back and simply enjoy the moment right now. As you give yourself over to the music and the energy of the crowd, you will gradually start to feel at peace.

With practice, you will find that focusing on the music can help to remind you of all that is good in your life, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility even in chaotic situations. And before you know it, anxiety will no longer be a part of your reality.

By simply engaging with the moment and allowing yourself to get lost in your thoughts, you will start to feel more connected and grounded than ever before. And before long, anxiety will melt away, leaving only pure bliss in its wake. So whatever festival or rave you find yourself at – just close your eyes and let go!

Rave Best products tips

Bring your best comfortable pair of shoes

Festivals, concerts, raves whatever the event having comfortable shoes is key. People usually go for sneakers, which are one of the best options.

If you don’t have sneakers, though, don’t buy a new pair just for the event.

Or if you do, you will have to accept that they will be ruined, and you will also have to make sure you break them in before the event.

How bad shoes will be ruined at a rave or a festival?

Understand this, people will step on your feet, drinks will be spilled on them and if the event is taking place outside rain and mud can occur.

So if you have an old pair of sneakers you are really comfortable in, that is a win right there!

Bring earplugs

You will be happy to know that there are 4 types of earplugs:

  1. Full cancellation: To block all possible sound
  2. High fidelity: To lower the volume of the sound coming to you while removing the frequency that could damage your ears
  3. Water protection: Those are usually used for surfing to make sure no water enters your ears canal
  4. Atmospheric fluctuations: Used for skydiving or for people that take planes, they protect the ears from rapid air pressure change

You guessed it, the ones you are going to need are the high fidelity ones.

With those, you are actually protecting your ears from damaging frequencies, and you make sure you can go for hours and days listening to big and loud music and keep your ears safe.

High-fidelity earplugs

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Bring and Drink Water

Sure the drinking water tip is an old fashion tip. But that is because dehydration is a real thing and even more so with raves and festivals.

So please drink enough water, bring either some reusable water bottle or a camelback, and you will be all set.

Standard Camelback

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Water Bottle with Time Marker

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Bring and Wear deodorant

Why do we add this one? Pretty basic right? Well if you happen to notice the smell of an ending rave (even more so with indoor raves) your noze will pick up some animal vibe and that will be the scent of a sweating crowd.

We know this one is basic, but you will sweat, more than you think.

If you are comfortable not wearing any deodorant and possibly being a nuisance to people around you, fine, do your thing, but we do think it’s nice to wear some.

Bring Baby wipes

They will save your life, they can be used in more situations than you could think of.

From going to the bathroom (and there is no toilet paper left…), to washing your hands before you eat anything, to washing an item that fell on the ground, and so much more…

You get the idea, the use for those baby wipes is endless, it’s a great way to stay clean and fresh when you need it the most.

Baby wipes

Bring your phone and put it in a secure and zipped location for emergency

The phone will not be for just emergencies, of course, you can take pictures and videos but don’t forget to live in the present moment and enjoy what is in front of you.

As the weather can always surprise you at the last minute, we recommend bringing a ziplock to protect your phone from rain and humidity.

You could then put it in your fanny pack, your flip belt, or even your camelback.

Fanny pack

Flip belt

Camel back

Raving Attitude Tips

People being people

It’s a ratio, when humans gather you always have the 95% of great people, followed by the 4% of annoying people and the tiny 1% of bad people. It is always been like this and this rule also applies to raves. So be mindful of this.

You will easily and most likely spend the whole show or the whole experience with only great people, but you might from time to time run into annoying people and rarely or unlikely see people that are not so great.

Don’t let this 5% affect your good time, just enjoy yourself and brush it off if people are rude.

Speaking of disrespectful people, you should know about the “rave bros”.

Rave bros CAN (not all of them but they can) fall under this 5%.

The “rave bros” is a term that has been coined (only in the US) to describe a group of guys (most likely frat boys) that act sometimes in an unpleasant way.

FYI, the typical rave bros that people have in mind when speaking of them usually picture a muscular guy, wearing neon tanks and a cap with “rage” written on it.

Truth be told, this is a huge stereotype (and it is only valid in the US).

Of course, you could definitely run into “rave bros” that are even cooler than your own friends, but they are now known in the rave and festival scene, for acting out and being rude.

So again, if you bump into them, no biggie, ignore them, move away and have a good time.

Moving through the crowd

There is a high chance you will need to move through a dense crowd, and let me tell you, this is not an easy task.

The reason that getting from point A to point B in a big crowd is difficult is that people usually try to do it by themselves.

Do not force or elbow your way to move through a crowd.

The proper way to do so is to inform people what you are doing with a single tap saying “excuse me”, a bit like what cars do with blinkers.

And if you move with a friend, use the train system with the front guy/gal of the train, being courteous with a single tap to let people know they are passing through and saying “excuse me”.

So pretty easy, right? Just let people know that you want to pass with a simple tap on their shoulder or back, say excuse me, and smile, they will make room for you.

Do it like a pro, no one likes people who try to shove through crowds.

Going with a group

We are assuming you’re going with a group or a few people. A great thing to do is to make sure everyone is on the same page with what’s happening, and always be sure you and everyone around you is safe.

Have a meeting point with your friends

You can either have a mobile meeting point or a fixed meeting point.

The mobile meeting point: a totem

You can decide to bring a totem to make sure you always know where your friends are.

A totem is a tall item that one of the members of the group has to carry so if you lose your group you can easily spot them in the crowd.

Totems style ranges from inflatables with long shapes, to flags, to more complex structures combining lights effect and written words.

The fixed meeting point: a dedicated spot in the venue

Once on-site, the group decides to pick a meeting or a rallying point that could be used in case any member of the group is lost. It could be a landmark, a bar, a store, anything that will be easy to find once one of you is lost.

If you are intoxicated, don’t drive, or have a DD

This should be a no-brainer, but we repeatedly came across people that did not think of this…

Do not take your car if you are not able to drive, and do not get in someone else’s car with a driver that is not able to drive.

The best option is still to have a dedicated driver that will stay sober and will drive anyone home safely.

Pack a next-day bag to leave in your car

What is 100% sure is that you will sweat, you will sweat a lot, not to mention, that if the event takes place outdoor it could rain, and you could also have to deal with mud.

This is why having a full next-day outfit is a game-changer, underwear, a bra for ladies, a top, a bot, socks, and shoes.

Putting on fresh clothes after a good sweaty rave will make your day! Trust us.

Know the state or country law you will be raving at

Every state and every country has its own law, you need to know prior to the event what is legal and what is not.

Of course, underground raves are by definition illegal but don’t push your luck.

Yes theft happens

We do not like to acknowledge them, but we have to speak a bit about them. Those people belong to the 1% we told you about earlier.

Thieves are attracted to big crowds. And they are not necessarily just there to steal things, it might be just because they have a great opportunity in front of them.

It’s a sad thing, but you have to keep it in mind. The idea is to make sure you are not giving them any opportunity to take from you if you are not paying attention.

This is why we would like to give you easy tips to protect yourself from them:

  1. Put all of your valuable items in a bag that is sealed and that you keep in front of you, not the back. (One way to seal it, is to use zip ties to both sliders, so it can’t be open)
  2. Use a fanny pack, also in front of you, and put all your valuable items there
  3. Use a flip belt in front of you and put all valuable items there

Those are the main ones we use, and they work really well. By doing so, you will be able to move through the crowd without being exposed to potential thieves.

The Rave Philosophy: how to be a good raver?

Rave is all about gathering people around music, so in a sense being a good raver is all about bringing a good vibe, having fun, enjoying music, and being yourself.

Music is central in rave culture, it’s all about music, from there, people and promoters do their best to enhance the experience with, visuals, shows, great locations, etc…

Just be the person that you are which is a music lover and you will be all set!

We hope all those tips will help you and guide you for your next event, and we also hope that you will have a blast for your first rave!

Rave safe

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