50+Rave Room/Trip Cave Products, To Go From Concept To Reality!

Welcome to the world of rave rooms and trip caves!

As lovers of all things rave, we know that having your haven for exploring other realms of existence is an irreplaceable experience.

Are you looking for ways to craft the perfect rave room or trip cave experience in your home?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner or guru when it comes to setting up a unique atmosphere in your home, this blog post will provide you with 50+ products that can help transform any vision into reality.

From neon wall decor to bean bags and glow sticks, this list has it all to get the party started!

So get ready, because these products are sure to fulfill any raver’s wildest dreams!

Table Of Content:

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1. Understanding The Concept Of 5D Rooms (For Rave, Trip, And Party Rooms)

When creating a Rave Room the best approach is the 5 Dimensions system (that would be if you let us use the term “dimension” loosely).

This is a concept that allows you to fully create the rave room of your dream while avoiding big mistakes along the way.

The 5 Dimension approach is the ideal way of putting together the world you have in mind whether it is for a trip cave or a rave room.

Here is the graphic on how to think about it:

As a starting point, here are the questions to ask yourself before you start:

Will this personalized room be a temporary or permanent thing?

That is important to know as it will help you determine how far you will possibly go in terms of moving heavy furniture, drilling holes in the wall for mounting elements, etc…

Will it be just for myself or do I plan on having people over?

That question is also important as you will know if you will go for a limited space just for you or if you will need to create room for both the dance floor and the DJ booth.

Do I go for a particular theme, specific colors, or freestyle?

That element will also be important especially if you decide to buy art pieces like tapestries or posters (that already have their specific colors), but if you are not into those you can change your mind later, as most lights have an inbuilt variety of colors that you can modify any time you want.

2. The First Dimension: The Floor

The Floor: Steps To Think About

First have a neat clean floor, to really project the best ideas for the chosen room you need to be able to see how big the floor is.

Then, you can start to let your mind go and create cool elements on the floor with the following items:

  • Black Light Tape + Black Lights
  • Projection lights

Remember for projection lights and black lights to project on the floor, the source will have to come from the ceiling or high furniture, and for the ceiling, the light source will usually come from the floor.

So if you do want Black Light Tape on the floor, make sure you will have the space on the ceiling to put your black lights, in case you had in mind a poster or an art piece.

Then once you have this figured out you can start with your walls.

Great Floor Products For Rave Rooms And Trip Caves

UV Tape Blacklight Reactive

15Ft Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire 

Black Lights

Lighting projector

Laser Lights DJ Lights

LED rope lights

Some Black Light

3. The Second Dimension: The Walls And Doors

Walls And Doors: The Steps To Think About

For the windows and doors, you want to make sure that what you will set up does not prevent the ability to use them.

When adding special decors it is great to go heavy and have a cool setup for your room, but you don’t want a room completely blocked and be unable to use properly the doors and the windows.

That is because, even if you want to rave for three days straight, you also want at some point it to be a fresh rave room or trip cave that you can add some fresh air to now and then when needed.

Great Walls And Doors Products For Rave Rooms And Trip Caves

For walls, windows, and doors there are many cool items you can play around with, here is a great selection below:

  • Posters
  • Neon Lights
  • Lamps
  • Laser Lights
  • Neon or reflective Stickers
  • Tapestries
  • Streamers
  • Strobe lights
  • Black Light Paints Or Neon Paints
  • Black Lights
  • LED lights strips
  • Ambient lighting

Pitch Black Solid Curtains

Trippy Room Decor

Trippy Tapestry

Tapestry UV Reactive Butterfly

Mushroom Forest Planet Blacklight

String Lights Curtain

Color Changing Window Curtain

Wall Mounted Bubble Lamp

RGBIC LED Wall Lights

LED Smart Light Bars

Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

Pink Eyes Neon Signs

4 Pack LED Decorative Neon Night Signs

Neon Sign, Cloud and Moon Led Neon Light

Lady Mushroom Neon Light

Neon Heart Light LED Neon Sign

Astronaut Sitting on Planet LED Neon Sign

Mushroom Night Light

LED String Lights

20 Pcs Glow in The Dark Party Decoration Signs

Glow-in-The-Dark Paint – Multi-Surface

Neon Paper Circles

Some neon lights

Blacklight Reactive Tape

36W LED Black Light Bar

Rope Lights that react to sound

4. The Third Dimension: The Ceiling

The Ceiling: The Steps To Think About

Often forgotten the ceiling is visually probably the dimension that will be the most immersing surface when getting to any place and in particular a rave room or a trip cave.

You can play around and add posters as well as tapestries or even stickers but we favor projected light or LED light strips to create the best effects.

Great Ceiling Products For Rave Rooms And Trip Caves

LED Sound Activated Laser Light

Blacklight Skull Tapestry UV Reactive

Galaxy Space Tapestry Fantasy Plant 

Psychedelic Tapestry

Seven Chakra Tapestry UV Reactive

Planet Tapestry Trippy Mountain

Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

Glow in The Dark Stars Stickers

Glow in The Dark Stars Decals

Smart WiFi Led Lights 100ft

Light projector

5. The Fourth Dimension: The Volume Of the Room

The Volume Of The Room: The Steps To Think About

Now that you have “painted” the floor, walls, doors, and ceiling you need to consider how you want to fill the volume of the room.

To create the volume effect in the room you will need a fog machine.

Fog is an amazing tool to create a special ambiance and create a different feel of the lights in the room.

Now, the way you fill the volume with light is to decide on how many lights will cross the room and be projected in the middle of it, so they can be purposefully seen with the fog.

If done correctly, seeing the light and the lasers in the air is simply amazing.

Great Volume Filler Products For Rave Rooms And Trip Caves

Fog machines

FogWorx Extreme High Density Fog Juice

Disco Party Lights RGB LED

Party Lights 9 Lens DJ Disco

6. The Fifth Dimension: The Sound For The Room

The Sound For The Room: Steps To Think About

Now, the sound system.

For this part, don’t forget to add a little space for the DJ booth if it is part of what you have in mind.

As people tend to watch the DJ performing, it is always a good idea to add some music synch lighting to the booth to complete the style of the room.

And finally, if you do invite people over sound system-wise you have two options, you can either go “silent disco” with synchronized headsets, that is if you want to make sure you don’t bother your neighbors.

If you have great sound-proofing walls you can get portable speakers easy to set up and works great in small environments or simply go for regular speakers.

Great Sound Systems For Rave Rooms And Trip Caves

These AXVVPII are great for silent discos

None of them is cheap per se, but if you are planning on throwing multiple raves, you can go with those speakers:

or that one JBL Party Box 710:

7. What Are All The Products To Consider When Building A Rave Room Or Trip Cave?

The Browser List Rave Room/Trip Cave List

Whether you are creating your room for a party or yourself, here is the complete list of products you can buy when creating your rave room or trip cave:

  • Light projectors
  • Posters
  • Tapestries
  • Trippy And Cool Ambient Lights
  • Neon Paint Or Black Light Paint
  • Blackout Curtain
  • Fog Machine
  • Laser Lights
  • Streamers
  • Neon Lights
  • Lamps
  • Neon or reflective Stickers
  • Strobe lights
  • Black Light Paints Or Neon Paints
  • Black Lights
  • LED lights strips
  • Ambient lighting

8. What Are The Most Common Pitfalls When Building A Rave Room Or Trip Cave?

  1. Too Many lights And Effects: If you go overboard with the lights it will end up killing the effect, so yes you do need lights all over the place, but they need to be well-thought-out.
  2. Room Not Being Dark Enough: e.g., Blackout curtains too small or too thin.
  3. Wrong Light Angles Or Positioning (Light Pitfall 1): most of the effects of the lights are blocked if someone is standing too close to it or in front of it, killing the ambiance…
  4. Wrong Light Angles Or Positioning: (Light Pitfall 2): Too many lights at eye level, forcing people to close their eyes while dancing or even being annoyed by it. You can have some at eye level but make sure it is a small percentage.
  5. Too Many Colors: For the best look, it is always best to not go overboard with the number of colors present in the room, one color theme is great, two colors theme is amazing, three colors theme can be fantastic if well managed, but beyond that adding more colors will diminish the effect and the aesthetic of the room.
  6. Bad Cable Management: think through the room based on the location and the number of outlets you have. With all the effects for the music, the lights, and other electronic devices you might face chaos cable-wise in the room, we recommend taping the cables on the walls, ceiling, and floor to keep each area neat and avoid accidents of people tripping or device breaking.
  7. Bad Switch Management: you want to be able to put your system on and off easily, otherwise you might break things while putting it on or off, or even stop using it because of the inconvenience each time, and that would be a bummer. So try to think through where you will plug each light and device while making sure you can turn them on and off without too much hassle.
  8. Putting Too Many Decors On The Main Door: whether you are by yourself or with friends you need to keep the main door (the door people have to go through to get in and out of the room) easily accessible and smoothly usable. Putting too many lights or curtains on the doors can become a problem for people coming in and out with drinks or simply going to the toilet and not paying enough attention to the decor as they need to interact often with the door…
  9. Not Enough Light Effects: this is arguably the less likely occurrence to happen as people usually go for too much than not enough. That said, for instance, when setting up your room you don’t want to have lights everywhere but not on one wall, so make sure direct lights, ambient lights or glow elements are present on each surface, so it does not create a weird look in the room.
  10. Leaving Items Too Fragile In The Room: This is also based on whether you will be solo or inviting people, that said, even if by yourself, this room invites dancing which can lead to hitting unintentionally items in the room, so be mindful of what you leave there.

9. Conclusion And More Tips On Raves

We hope that this post helped you build your new world and that you have found great products to use for those upcoming crazy nights (or even days).

If you are looking for more Rave Tips you can also have a look at our other post below on raves.

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We hope this article helped or saved you some time in your research, so you don’t have too many tabs open to multiple sites on your browser, ingest data and waste precious time…

Have a great event!

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