Which Rave Should I Go To? Full Guide

This question is not easy to solve but it does have an answer.

Picking a rave to go to is not as easy as it seems. With so many parameters at play, it can be difficult to choose which rave is right for you.

There are many types of raves, so it is important to find one that fits your personality and interests.

There are also raves that cater to different kinds of people, such as those who are into fashion or those who are into art. The essential thing is to find a rave that you will enjoy and that will make you feel comfortable.

So let’s take a look to see how to find the best rave that would suit you.

How to choose the right rave for you?

Raves are like snowflakes, each one is special and unique in its own way. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right rave for you.

The starting point: the experience vs the artist

As a starting point for your research, know that people either start with the artist in mind or the experience in mind.

If the focus is only on the artist, they will be on the lookout for when and where he or she will be live at an event.

If that is your case, the way forward is pretty basic, just organize your schedule on his or her and at some point, you will manage to find the rave that will work for you.

But if you are looking for an experience, finding the one rave that will be a good fit for you, simply follow what is next!

The date

The first thing to think about is when would you actually like to rave? Rave season typically runs from April through October, but there are always a few stragglers outside this timeframe.

Depending on when you want to rave, you may have already missed some of the big ones or the date may be too close to your research right now.

Plus, there are thousands of raves to choose from, so narrowing down on when you would like to be raving can drastically help you choose which ones are a good match for you in terms of dates.

So first you need to know when you would like to be raving.

The location

Another important thing to consider is the location. Raves can be found all over the world, from the US to Europe to Asia, etc…

Some people prefer raving close to home, while others see raving as an opportunity to travel and explore new places.

Once you’ve narrowed down your location options, you can start looking at specific raves. Read reviews, watch videos, and look at pictures to get a feel for the vibe of each event.

If you are planning on traveling, obviously your budget will not be the same, more on that here.

The style and genre

Once you know the date and the location, you can keep going with selecting the raves that are your style. EDM is a huge category, many genres fall into it, this is why it is important to know what type of EDM you specifically like.

A rave style will have an impact on the rave crowd, which also have an impact on the rave outfit.

Do not get us wrong, and that is the beauty of rave culture, you can definitely wear anything you want from casual to bold and skimpy outfits.

But from one rave to the next, the trend regarding the outfits changes.

And again, there is a big range of things you could wear to a rave, so knowing which raves are your type will guide you on what to do for your outfit.

If you would like some ideas and inspiration for your outfits, here is an article that covers many styles of rave clothing called “Rave outfits what to wear?”, have a look.

Also if you are a beautiful curvy woman we have another article where we hand-picked the best rave plus size outfits, check it out!

If you are looking for male outfit ideas, we also have a dedicated article to give you great inspiration for your next event.

The budget

Now it is time to have a look at your budget.

The budget has to be a parameter that comes into play when choosing your rave because going to a rave, or even just raving, rarely come cheap.

Have a look at your rave selection so far and see what the different price tags are for a ticket.

Besides, we already touched on this before, but if the location of the rave you have selected is far from where you live, you will have to also consider in your budget the moving, the sleeping, and eating expenses.

Are you into Massives or Undergrounds?

Once you have your budget down and you still have many choices available, think of what kind of experience you would like to feel.

Raves come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate gatherings of hardcore music lover to massive parties with thousands of people.

Both have their own appeal. Intimate raves can be more private and provide a more personal experience. You’re likely to get to know the people around you better and feel a strong sense of community.

Massive raves, on the other hand, can be exhilarating experiences. There’s nothing like dancing all night under the stars with a huge crowd of like-minded people.

There is no wrong answer, but knowing what experience you want will help you move forward in narrowing rave possibilities.

1-day event or multiple days?

Now, what are you more into? The one-day rave or the multiple-day in a row rave?

Each has its own unique benefits that make it special in its own way.

One-day raves are great because they are concise and to the point. Shorter than multiple-day raves, you don’t have to commit as much time to them.

Plus, you can go all out for one day and then have the rest of your week free to recuperate.

On the other hand, multiple-day raves are amazing because they allow you to really immerse yourself in the experience.

You can explore different areas of the rave and meet new people from all walks of life. There’s nothing quite like dancing your heart out for multiple days in a row with your new friends.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer the short and sweet nature of one-day raves, while others prefer the longer experience, more drawn to multiple-day raves.

There is no wrong answer, it simply depends on what you are looking for in a rave experience.

Indoor or outdoor?

Whether it’s an intimate gathering of friends in a basement, a special session at a convention, or a massive outdoor festival, raves provide a unique space for self-expression and connection. So are more indoor or outdoor?

For some, the appeal of an indoor rave is the feeling of community and togetherness that comes from being in close proximity to other ravers.

There’s also something to be said for the safety and comfort of being indoors, away from bad weather or unexpected obstacles. Plus, indoor raves often have better sound systems, which can make for a more immersive experience.

On the other hand, outdoor raves can offer a more relaxed and freeing atmosphere. There’s something special about dancing under the stars (or in the daytime sun) that just can’t be replicated indoors.

And if you’re lucky enough to attend a rave at a beautiful location, like a beach or forest, it can be truly magical. Plus, there’s no need to worry about ending up on somebody’s couch when the night is over!

So, what’s your preference? Indoor or outdoor raves? Or maybe you like both equally, if that is the case use other parameters to decide on your rave. (This is why we use multiple parameters)

Camping or not?

What type of raver are you?

For some ravers, the perfect rave is one that comes with camping. Camping raves usually take place in remote locations, so there’s a sense of adventure and excitement leading up to the event.

Plus, being able to bring all your camping gear means you can stay on-site for the entire weekend and really make the most of the party.

For other ravers, however, the perfect rave is one that doesn’t come with camping.

These events are usually held in city clubs, conventions or warehouses, so they’re easy to get to and there’s no need to worry about packing a tent.

So whether you prefer to camp out under the stars or dance under the city lights, there’s a rave out there for you.

Conclusion on selecting your rave:

From there you should have enough parameters to precisely know what rave works best for you, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that speaks to you the most!

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. There is no wrong answer, it simply depends on what you are looking for in a rave experience.

We hope that this process helped you in zeroing in on the right rave for you!

But we also know that searching and planning for a rave can bring even more questions, this is why we went through some of them below!

Basic Rave FAQ, and what should you expect?

As a reminder, raves are large-scale dance parties that typically happen at night and feature electronic music.

They began in the 1980s as underground events, but they soon grew in popularity and began to attract a wider range of attendees.

There is much more to raves than meets the eye. Raves provide a sense of community and belonging like no one else on the planet. They offer a safe space to express yourself and let loose.

Two types of Raves

Keep in mind though that there are at least two distinct families of raves: Mainstream raves are typically larger and more commercialized affairs, while underground raves are usually smaller and more intimate.

Both have their own unique charms and bring different benefits to the table.

Let’s quickly review the pros and cons of both.

The pros of mainstream raves:

  • They secure big-name DJs
  • The venues are jaw-dropping
  • They provide good amenities
  • They always have medical tents
  • They give great shows with lights, fireworks, smoke machines, etc…

The cons of mainstream raves:

  • They can be really expensive
  • They gather a ton of people, sometimes too many (depending on what you are looking for this could belong to the pros)
  • Not all people are there for the music

The pros of underground raves:

  • It attracts more music lovers
  • It is more intimate
  • You can discover new artists and genres
  • They usually last all night
  • You can also see famous DJs

The cons of underground raves

  • Not easy to find
  • Not easy to access, sometimes they are far from the city
  • Sometimes no amenities whatsoever

This breakdown is for you to understand that people will use the word rave will sometimes not mean the same thing.

Of course, right now you can only take our word for it, but the best way to understand those two families would be to attend both types.

But right now, the most important thing is to go from where you are at, so you can better find the rave suited for you.

What if this is your first rave?

Raves are one of the best ways to let loose and have a great time, but if it is your first time, they can also be a little daunting. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your first rave experience.

First, don’t worry about what you’re wearing – just be sure to be comfortable and able to move around freely.

As we said, raves have one of the most welcoming communities, no one cares what you wear, so don’t overthink it.

Second, go with a friend or group of friends, so you can stick together and look out for each other.

Third, it’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the venue beforehand, so you know where the exits are, where the bathrooms are, etc.

By doing so, your mind will better grasp where things are, and from that, you will get a sense of ease.

If you feel some anxiety or if you want to be fully prepared for your first rave, here is our full guide for first-time ravers, where we go into details on what to do and how to get ready.

What if you are going alone?

Raves are amazing. The music, the people, the atmosphere- it is all so perfect. And if you are going by yourself, then you get to experience it all without distraction.

You can just focus on the music and the dancing and letting loose. It is such a freeing and exhilarating experience. Going to a rave alone can be hard, but it is so worth it.

This way, you can go at your own pace, dance however you want, and really take in all the sights and sounds around you.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s mood or energy level – you can just let loose and have fun.

That being said, if you are still not quite sure about going by yourself or if you feel nervous, or you just do not know how to do it we have a blog post that covers this.

We go deep and explain every detail on how to rave alone, so you have a better view of what to expect and how it rave works when you are alone, check it out!

What do you need to bring to a rave?

Here is a quick checklist of items to bring to a rave, so you can focus on dancing the night away.

First and foremost, remember to bring your ID! Raves are typically 18+ events, so you’ll need to be able to prove your age at the door.

Next, make sure to bring some cash; while some raves do accept cards, it’s always good to have cash on hand in case.

Drinking water is essential, we will not be the only ones to tell you about it, because dehydration is a real thing and even more so with raves and festivals.

So please drink enough water, bring either some reusable water bottle or camelback, and you will be all set.

Standard Camelback

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Water Bottle with Time Marker

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Also, don’t forget your phone charger! Raves can go all night long, so you’ll definitely want to make sure your phone is charged before you head out.

High Fidelity Earplugs

Remember to bring earplugs as well, rave sound systems are really powerful, which can be harsh on your ears.

We recommend taking High Fidelity earplugs because it lowers the volume of the sound while removing the frequency that could damage your ears. Like the one below:

High-fidelity earplugs

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Bring Baby wipes

They will save your life, they can be used in more situations than you could think of.

From going to the bathroom (and there is no toilet paper left…), to washing your hands before you eat anything, to washing an item that fell on the ground, and so much more…

You get the idea, the use for those baby wipes is endless, it’s a great way to stay clean and fresh when you need it the most.

Baby wipes

Bring your phone and put it in a secure and zipped location for emergencies.

The phone will not be for just emergencies, of course, you can take pictures and videos but don’t forget to live in the present moment and enjoy what is in front of you.

For outdoor events, as the weather can always surprise you at the last minute, we recommend bringing a ziplock to protect your phone from rain and humidity.

You could then put it in your fanny pack, your flip belt, or even your camelback.

Fanny pack

Flip belt

We hope this article helps you and saved you some time in your research, and we wish you a great event!

Rave safe!

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