110+ Simple Rave Outfits: Female And Male

Do not mistake simple for easy or casual, simple can be extraordinary, unexpected, and even surprising, especially for rave or festival outfits.

But that is easier said than done, this is why we made this guide on how to put together unique, cool and original rave outfits while committing to keeping things simple.

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1. How To Come Up With A Unique Simple Rave Outfit?

What we are looking for here is a simple rave outfit, not a boring or a casual one, remember it is raves we are talking about.

But not falling into those two traps of casual or boring is not so easy if you are looking for “simple”.

Let’s have a look at how to pull it off.

Avoid Boring

Boring usually belongs to the realm of predictable and tasteless, this is why in order to avoid this you need to think out of the box.

To avoid being boring you have to take the path of creativity and fun.

You can obviously play with colors but the ideal way of thinking about it is to know and feel what you would like to show about yourself once you are on-site.

As you already probably know everyone is different, and so are you.

So you either have to emphasize on something that you personally like or take what people are already wearing and add your own cute, unique and sexy touch to it.

Avoid Casual

While “casual” can be mistaken for “boring”, it is not really the same thing.

On one side you have a concept that is insipid and on the other, the objective is to be comfortable and easy to put on.

Casual is for the people that do not want to bother too much with style and still like comfort.

Therefore, in order to not fall into the casual world and stay comfortable, you will have to work your way up to the world of originality and maybe even dare eccentricity.

Again to do so you can play with colors, but don’t forget that you can also go for some simple and unique rave gear or rave wear that could do the trick.

As an example, you could even go one step further and simply dye your hair (or use a wig).

By doing so, even though you are wearing casual clothing your style will be like we said, original and eccentric!

Another example would be to choose a special rave accessory like a unique fanny pack and even though the rest of your outfit is standard this simple element can work wonders and make your outfit cute, special, or sexy.

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2. How To Select A Style That Reflects Your Personality And Style?

Copying can be a virtue, only if you know how to do it.

In terms of style and fashion, there is almost nothing worse than someone doing the same thing as someone else without either adjusting or making sure it works for them.

This is why before going too crazy in terms of style, you will need to know two things, the part of your body you prefer the most and your personal style (you would be surprised to know how people simply copy other persons to conform, and when you ask them if they like it, their answer is: “no”).

Know Your Body

Everybody has something about their body that they like or even love.

By the way, we don’t want to sound like a self-help book but if you think there is nothing you could like about your body, we urge you to look for it!

Because this only comes with self-love, accepting and loving oneself is crucial in the journey of your life, so please get to it!

It could be as simple and as obvious as your hair, your neck, your breasts, your legs, and as small and not so obvious as your lips, your eyes, your hands, your ears, etc…

This mentality comes from both a healthy human being philosophy and from rave culture, so do the work and find the one or the multiple parts of your body you like.

Once you know what it is or what those are, what you would want to do is to emphasize this or them, building your outfit around it.

From there, you will even know if a particular style you kind of like would work for you or not!

And once you become good at it, you will rock every outfit you will come up with :)!

Know Your Style

This one might sound a bit counterintuitive, but the idea is to make sure you are not limiting yourself to new and exciting worlds.

Knowing your style means knowing what works for you as well as knowing what you could try or even what you could dare and will still work for you!

Again, what we are trying to achieve here is to put together an outfit that will be as simple as possible while making sure it is still remarkable.

This is why in order to stay out of “casual world” you might need to try new types of clothing or be more adventurous.

Once you accept trying new things and working to know yourself, nothing else can be an obstacle to you or your style and you will be in the perfect position to create your unique yet simple outfit!

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3. Experiment With Different Colors And Styles

Once you know yourself and know how far you can go for your unique style, it is time to play with colors and go stretch your comfort zone a little!

Play With Colors

There are many ways you could go to play with all the colors available, from unicolor (from head to toe), to bi-color, to neon colors, to pastel colors to holographic to even outfit with color lights!

If you want to know what kind of color you should pick here is an article that explains how to pick a color base on your skin tone and your overall look.

That said, you can obviously wear any color that you want whatever your skin tone, most people don’t take it into account.

If you want to have a look at more outfits with neon colors click here, we have made a full selection.

If you want to have a look at more outfits with pastel colors click here, we have made a full selection.

If you want to have a look at more outfits with holographic colors click here, we have made a full selection.

Try Different Styles

As staying simple is the objective for your outfit you will have to try simple tops and bottoms and mix and match what you find most interesting for you in our selection below.

This is why we have gathered as many simple pieces of clothing as possible with as many styles as possible, so you can discover all the types of outfits you can create and do your own outfit “simple” by searching and looking through our rave outfit ideas list.

Once you know your style you will know if you are better off with simple but effective styles like rave bodysuits, unique crop tops, rave bras, or even overall sexy rave outfits.

This is totally up to you, this is why we cover as many simple styles as possible, and you pick what you feel and know works best for you, just don’t be too afraid to dare!

If you would like to jump straight to the simple rave women outfits click here, and if you want to have a look at simple rave men outfits click here.

4. Stay Comfortable

Simple is great, but it does not necessarily mean comfortable, and being comfortable is the number one rule for any concert, festival, or rave you will be going to.

The reason is that for the most part you will be walking, dancing on the dance floor, jumping during whole rave sets, and standing for long hours throughout the day and if your rave or festival clothing is not comfortable enough it could ruin the event for you.

And when we say comfortable it needs to take into account the comfort of movement but also the comfort while facing random and changing weather.

Obviously what could be comfortable at a rave in summer will not be as comfortable at a rave in winter.

Also, if rule number one is to be comfortable (as a general rule) then rule number two has to be “have comfortable footwear”.

For The Heat

For your feet, you can have flip-flops or sandals, but keep in mind those are only for downtimes or breaks, otherwise, you will need to wear comfortable shoes, sneakers usually, so you can dance, move and be in the crowd without losing anything.

Make sure you pick something breathable and protect yourself from the sun.

Also, when you sweat a lot, bring extra pairs of socks, one for the morning and one for the evening.

For The Cold

Depending on how cold it will be you might just only need a warm jacket or a full-on coat. That is up to the venue you are going to and the season you are in.

For The Wind

If you know the venue is windy, and it is kind of cold, we can’t recommend enough to bring a windbreaker, it will change everything.

For The Dust

Your best bet for the dust is to bring glasses and a bandana to cover your eyes and your mouth. If the venue is really dusty some people even bring a full mask to be protected the whole time.

Make sure you know how dusty the place will be.

For The Mud

If the venue is part grass and you know it can rain, bring rain boots don’t even think about it.

Because if it does rain just for two minutes, the sheer number of people will transform a beautiful field of grass into a pool of mud in no time, so be prepared.

For The Rain

Bring a raincoat, they are easily foldable and fit in a tiny bag, an easy way to take it out as soon as the rain starts and put it back once it is finished, worth it even if the rain lasted 1 minute.

If you would like to jump straight to the simple rave women outfits click here, and if you want to have a look at simple rave men outfits click here.

5. Have Fun Putting Together Your Look

The “Simple”‘ game is a super fun game when putting together an outfit, especially if you know what to look for and what to dare.

By the way, we recommended you to dare new styles but also you will have to dare new colors if you want to be able to pull it off.

This is why this process is fun and exciting, be limitless and you will create in no time a great rave outfit that can merge simple and ravy.

Have fun!

If you would like to jump straight to the simple rave women outfits click here, and if you want to have a look at simple rave men outfits click here.

6. Simple Rave Outfits Women

Simple Rave Outfit Women’s Tops

Sets Holographic Metallic

Women’s Sexy Halter Fish Scale Sequin

Sexy Wet look

Women’s Strappy Mesh Crop Tops

See Through Lingerie

Pastel V Neck Tie Dye Tunic

Women’s Sleeveless Scoop

Halter Deep V

Sleeveless Bodycon

Metallic Rave Tops

Around Bandeau Bra

Women Holographic 2 Pieces Outfits Set

Metallic Halter Triangle

2 Piece Outfits Set Bra Top Mini Skirt

Hooded Crop Top Holo Sweatpant

One Piece Sexy Lace Short

Off Shoulder Crop Top Mini Dress

Body Chain Gold Bra Skirts Set

Bra Crop Tops with Mini Bodycon Skirt

Strapless Bandeau Tube Bra Top Skirt

Mini Dress Ruffle Short Dresses

Holo High Waisted Skater Dress Silver

Sleeveless Holographic Skater Dress

Rave Clothes Holographic Wrap Circle

Long Sleeve Bodycon

Women’s Sleeveless Hollow Out

Sexy Halter Tie Dye

Buckle Tank Crop

Butterfly Wings Costumes

Simple Rave Outfit Women’s Bottoms

Pastel Tulle Tutu Skirt

Women’s Sequins Tassel Skirts Shorts

Boho Fringe Skirt Sequin Belly Dance Hip

Women’s High-Waist Short

Many styles and colors are available

Ripped Hole Denim Shorts

Booty Hot Pants

High Waisted Shorts

 Rave Booty Dance Shorts

Sexy Sheer Mesh

Sexy Shorts

Cut Out Elastic High Waist

Strappy Brief Bottom

Metallic Rave Booty

Women Girls Swim

Colored Fishnet Tights

Holo Lace-Up Festival Booty Shorts

J. Valentine Women’s High-Waist Short

Shiny Holographic Mini Skater Skirt

Dark fishnet stockings glow

7. Simple Rave Outfits Men

Simple Rave Outfit Men’s Tops

Vibrant Sleeveless Tank Top Shirts

Other patterns and colors are available.

Trippy Blacklight Glow Tshirt Clothes

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

Ultraviolet Fluorescent Neon Blacklight

Cool Funny Tank Top

Funny Jersey Ringer

A ton of other designs are available click on the image below to go check it out!

T-Shirts Funny Graphic

3D Printed Short Sleeve Top T-Shirts

Cool Novelty Design T-Shirts for Men

3D Printed Short Sleeve Top T-Shirt

If you are not fully satisfied with this one, many cool designs are available. Go check it out by clicking on the t-shirt.

Romper – Original Rompers for Men

Romper – Original Rompers for Men

Original Rompers for Men

Male Romper

Graphic Rompers Summer

If you don’t want to spend too much time choosing your outfit, an easy and effective solution will be a Romper or Jumpsuit. We have to say, it works quite well!
Male Romper – Original Rompers

Men 3D Graphic Rompers Summer

Male Romper – Original Rompers

Men 3D Graphic Rompers Summer

Graphic Tank Tops

Male Romper – Original Rompers

Mens Hipster Metallic

Alien Costume Pajamas Costume

Hot Pants Spandex Leotard Bodysuit

Simple Rave Outfit Men’s Bottoms

Jogger Pants Graphic Sweatpants

Jogger Pants Graphic Baggy Drawstring

Graphic Baggy Drawstring Sweatpants

Pants Breathable Below Knee Short Pants

Casual Graphic Trousers Sweatpants

Slim Fit Track Pants – Athletic Jogger

Many colors and patterns are available, check it out!

Jogger Pants Graphic Sweatpants

Men’s Fleece Joggers Galaxy

Sweatpants Funny Joggers Pants Sports

Men’s Metallic Shiny

Metallic Gold

8. Simple Rave Accessories

Accessories can transform a regular outfit into amazing rave clothing, have a look!
Neon Nightlife Light Up LED Suspenders

Light Up Bow Tie

LED Hat Lighted Glow Baseball Cap

Goggles Light Up EDM

Antler Deer Cosplay Black

Faux Fur Waistcoast LED Light

Faux Fur Scarf Light

Faux Fur Unicorn Hat Scarf Light

Faux Fur Jacket Light

Faux Fur skirt Light Outfit

Faux Fur Light Leggings Boot

Women Girls Dancing

Neon Face & Body Paint

Glow sticks that you can attach to your outfit or to you could be your ankle, wrist, arm, legs, shoes, etc…

Glow Sticks

Bucket Hat

Cape Robbin Radio Holo Platform

Cape Robbin Downshifter Sneakers

Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers

Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter

3 Pieces Women Transparent Belt

Holographic Chunky Cosmetic Glitter 

Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

2 Pieces Holographic Fanny Pack

Holographic Fanny Pack– Fashion

CAI BEAUTY NYC Silver Glitter

Ponytails Cosplay Wig

Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig

Also if you are looking for more rave wear and:

Whether you were looking for your next EDC outfits or any other rave outfits, we hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research to find the cutest rave outfits or the best outfit for your next event!

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