120+Maná Concert Outfit Ideas: What To Wear? (M/F)

Mana is coming to your town for a concert, and you have no idea what to wear ?!

We’ve gathered over 120 outfit ideas for men and women, so you can look your best when rocking out to your favorite rock band Mana.

Whether you’re looking for something casual, rock and roll, Bohemian, or even country, we’ve got you covered.

So get inspired and start planning your perfect Mana concert outfit today!

Table Of Content:

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1. Who Are Mana, And What Are Their Fashion Style?

Who Is Mana And What Does Their Concert Look Like?

Mana is a renowned Latin American rock band that has been entertaining fans for over three decades.

The group is composed of Fher Olvera, Juan Calleros, as well as Sergio Vallin, and Alex González.

Mana’s music is a mix of Latin, rock, and pop, and their lyrics often focus on romantic relationships as well as social and political issues.

Mana’s concerts are high-energy affairs, with the band members interacting closely with the audience.

The shows are usually packed with diehard fans who know all the words to the songs.

Mana puts on an unforgettable show, and their concerts are always a party.

Mana Fashion Style

Over the years Mana has been playing around with music genres and fashion styles.

If you look for Mana’s genre you will quickly see that they are not limited to one genre, they went from rock, pop rock, pop, alternative rock, reggae, Latino rock, to Latino pop, and more.

Out of all those music genres they also played around with their fashion styles.

Fashion-wise, since their beginning, we have found that they always come back to at least 4 styles, being:

  1. The Casual/Casual Latino Style
  2. The Rock Style
  3. The Bohemian Style
  4. The Country Style

The Casual/Casual Latino Concert Style

The casual style will be the style they went for the music video for the song “El Gladiador Mexicano”, where you can see them with graphic t-shirts or black t-shirts for the top and a pair of jeans for the bottom.

What we call the casual Latino involves more white apparel, from oversized shirts to tank tops, white hats, white pants, and so on.

You can see them wearing this fashion style for the music video “Bendita Tu Luz” where they wore white shirts and Panama hats.

This style tends to be flowier than the casual style, we are not looking for fit clothing here, the shirts can be oversized as well as pants.

The Rock concert style

While they cover a lot of different genres, Mana is mostly recognized for its rock and roll vibe.

As explained above they do dress differently depending on the song they play but the one they usually come back to the most is the rock and roll style.

It involves black pants, black t-shirts or tank tops, leather jackets some silver or black necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and combat boots.

As an example, you can see this style in the music video for the song “Hasta Que Te Conocí”, “Rayando El Sol” or “Lluvia Al Corazón”.

The Boho Style

The Bohemian style would be a style they also go to more and more recently.

This style involves very flowy clothing, patterned oversized shirts, or long-sleeved t-shirts with patterned or striped pants.

For example, you can have a look at their style from the music video they did for the song from “Eres Mi Religión”, they went for the same look for “El Reloj Cucú”, “Vivir Sin Aire” or “De pies a Cabeza”.

The Country Style

From time to time they also went for the country style by adding some cowboy hats, and fringes.

A style they went for the music video for the song “Mi Verdad” a dueto con Shakira and also for the song “Bendita Tu Luz”.


Mana likes to go from one style to another whether it is from the music genre or fashion style and that is because, over the years, they have been expanding their art and they manage to do so while staying true to who they are.

This is why we encourage you to do like they do and maybe try a style you would normally don’t wear, so you make your concert event even more exciting and memorable.

So dare a little and have fun putting together your outfit.

2. What To Wear To A Mana Concert?

There are no rules when it comes to concert outfits, especially for a Mana concert.

While we did group each outfit in categories to match Mana’s style over the years and music genres, the idea of the listing is also for you to play around and mix and match different styles and match tops and bottoms you like to create your ideal concert outfit.

We gathered as many styles as possible so you can put together your outfit or at the very least get your creativity rolling.

We organized our listing first for the women with casual, Rock, Boho, and then Country outfits and then we did the same for the men, in that order.

Mana Concert Female Casual/Casual Latino Outfits

Cold Shoulder Top Basic

Trendy Cute Fall Crochet

Cable Knit Beach

Sleeveless Flowy Loose Fit

Loose T-Shirt Tops

V Neck Twist Front

Basic Casual Denim Jacket

Stretch Denim Jacket

Long Sleeve Button-Down Denim Jacket

Oversized Pearls Beading Denim Jacket

Casual Classic Vintage Denim Jean

Mid Rise Shorts Ripped Denim

Mid Rise Denim Denim Shorts

Curvy Butt Elastic Waist Band Teared

Jeans High Waisted Cute Bo

Curvy Butt Elastic Waist Band Teared

Levi Strauss Modern Skinny Jean

Casual Aline Denim Short Skirt

Newbalance Women Fuelcore

Ultraboost Adidas Women Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture

Under Armour Sonic 4

TIOSEBON Women Sneakers

Mana Concert Female Rock Outfits

Faux Leather Jackets

Cutout Back Crisscross Top

Tank Top Open Back Racer back

V Neck Halter Spaghetti Strap Backless

Women’s Sleeveless Crop Tops Sexy One

Summer Strappy Button Down

Women’s Scoop-Neck Strappy Backless

Tie-Dye Print Crop Top

T-Shirts Distressed Ripped Crop Top

Short-Sleeve Graphic

Dress Casual Tops Tee

Rock Music Tank Top

Lettuce Trim Ribbed

Distressed Crop Top

Faux Leather Short Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Women’s Faux Leather

Vibrant Junior High Rise Jeans

Cutout Ripped Pants

Ripped Cotton Legging

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Faux Leather Leggings Pants Shaping

Round Sunglasses

Layered Tassel Earrings

Rock Metal Jeans Belts

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8 Eye

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Dr Martens Kendra Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Goth Boots

Dr. Martens Lace Up Women 1B99 Goth

Dr. Martens Womens 1460 Vonda Boot

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Heel Ankle Boots Platform

Mana Concert Female Boho Outfits

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Strappy Backless

Lace Crochet V Neck

Boho Off The Shoulders Plain top

Boho Casual Top Loose Tank Top

Women’s Lace Slip Dress

Boho Embroidered V Neck Crochet

Women’s Sleeveless tie-dye Tank Top

Tie Dye Tunic Tops Tee Shirt Dress

Embroidered Cap Sleeve Blouse

Spaghetti Strap Tie Front V Neck

Boho off the Shoulders Plain top

Boho Crochet V Neck Top

Sparkly Rainbow Bomber Jacket

Wide Leg Flared Bell

Headbands Wide knotted

Balla Wedge Sandal

Sneakers Casual Slip

Fashion Floral Art

Mana Concert Female Country Outfits

T-Shirt Top Casual Summer Tee

Women’s Fringe-Trim Sleeveless

Strappy Tank Tops

Country T-shirt

Sexy Paisley Bandana Top

Women’s Fringe Tassel

Women Fringe Trim Cross

Smooth As Tennessee Tshirt

Fringe Vest Faux Suede

Women’s Tassel Sleeveless

Women Corset Cropped Fringe

Sexy High Waist Faux Suede

Cowboy hat women

Western Hat Women

Suede Cowboy Hat

Lanzom Women Hat

White Straw Cowboy Hat

Mana Concert Male Casual/Casual Latino Outfits

Shirt Short Sleeve Beach

Button Down Short Sleeve

Button Down Long Sleeve

Denim Shirt Button Down

Casual Button Down Shirt Long

Cotton Linen Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts Linen

Linen Shirts Henley

Men’s Fashion t-shirt

Mens Chinos Slim-Fit Stretch

Classic Slim-Fit Stretch

Fashion Casual Cargo Pants

Men’s Rock Streetwear

Slim Fit Jeans Skinny

Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo

Slim Fit Knee Length

Summer Ripped Distressed

Canvas Sneakers Lace Up

Canvas Shoes White Or Black

Fashion Sneakers Casual

Fashion Sneakers Casual

Mana Concert Male Rock Outfits

Shirts Short Sleeve

Hemline Pattern

Tie-Dyed Hipster Abstract t-shirt

Abstract T-shirt

Hipster Abstract t-shirt

Guitar Wings Music

Hipster Hip Hop Ripped

Vintage Rock And Roll 

Be Rock Star T-Shirt

Men’s Vintage Stand

Leather Jackets for Men

Men Leather Jacket

Sleeveless Lapel Denim Jean

Jacket For Men

Men’s Ripped Slim

Biker Jeans for Men

Men’s Stretch Faux Leather

Men’s Ripped Slim Fit

Camo Cargo Shorts

Casual Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts Classic

Jean Shorts Distressed

Beene Men’s Braided

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black

Mana Concert Male Boho Outfits

Shirt Short Sleeve

 V-Neck Drawstring 

Short Sleeve Button-Down

Men’s Floral Shirt

Men’s Cotton Linen Shirt

Men’s 2 Pieces Casual Pants Shirts

Men’s Linen Casual

Linen Loose Casual

Patchwork Cargo Trouser Wide Leg

Head Neck Scarf

Wrist Accessories Gemstone

Mana Concert Male Country Outfits

Western Long Sleeve

Casual Flannel Plaid

Western Cowboy Shirt Embroidered

Retro Two Pocket Long

Low Rise Boot Cut

Triple Crown Open Bottom

Western Hat men

Suede Cowboy Hat

Lanzom men Hat

White Straw Cowboy Hat

3. Mana Concert Outfit Examples

Mana Concert Female Casual Outfit Example

For the casual style, you can start with either some denim shorts or pants for the bottom and some t-shirts or cute tops for the top (if you need inspiration for cute tops, you can have a look at our cute tops by clicking here).

As an extra layer, you can add either a denim jacket, a hoodie, or a leather jacket and you are all set.

In terms of makeup, you should go for the natural look, so either nothing or, some mascara, blush, and eyeliner.

Regarding footwear, you can go for either sneakers or combats boots.

Mana Concert Female Rock Outfit Example

For the rock style, you can go with black denim shorts, boyfriend jeans (or black leather pants) for the bottom with some black t-shirt, a band tee, a tank top, or a cute rock top for the top (for original and cute rock tops you can click here to have a look at our selection).

Add a black denim jacket or leather jacket for your extra layer.

In terms of footwear, your best option will be combat boots.

Regarding makeup, you can go two ways, either you decide to go for the heavier and darker rock and roll look (but don’t go overboard as you will sweat, it’s a concert!).

Or you can also go for the natural look so nothing or some mascara, blush, and eyeliner.

Mana Concert Female Boho Outfit Example

For the Bohemian style, you have two approaches.

You can either go for a dress that will cover you for both top and bottom, and you will only need to add some cute vest or jacket (you can have a look at our Bohemian selection by clicking here).

Or you can go for denim shorts, a skirt, yoga pants, or flowy pants for the bottom and add some crochet tops or cute Bohemian tops (click here if you want to see our cute boho top listing).

For the makeup, the natural look will be your best option, so either no makeup, or go with the easy mascara, blush, and eyeliner touch, just the right amount.

For footwear, either sneakers, combat boots, or boho footwear (you will find some boho footwear at the end of the boho listing).

Mana Concert Female Country Outfit Example

As for any country concert, for the country look, you can go for some denim shorts or pants for the bottom, and add a cute country top for the top (you can click here to see our country outfit selection).

Add a denim jacket as an extra layer or a country vest.

In terms of accessories, you can add the iconic cowboy hat!

For footwear, your best bet will be combat boots.

In terms of makeup, go for the natural look, we recommend no more than mascara, blush, and eyeliner.

Mana Concert Male Casual Outfit Example

The casual style for you guys is quite straightforward, either shorts or pants for the bottoms (can be techwear or denim) and some plain t-shirt, tank top, or a shirt for the top (click here if you want some casual inspiration).

If you go for the tank top or the t-shirt you can add to the look some denim shirts on top or a denim jacket.

In terms of footwear go for sneakers.

Mana Concert Male Rock Outfit Example

For the male rock style, you can start with either black ripped jeans/shorts (or not ripped it is up to you) or black leather pants for the bottom.

Then add a black t-shirt, a band tee, or a cool graphic t-shirt for the top (click here to have a look at our cool graphic rock selection, those are called both rock t-shirts and hip hop t-shirts, as it does work for both).

As an extra layer, you can choose between a leather jacket or a black denim jacket.

In terms of footwear, combat boots will be your best bet.

Mana Concert Male Boho Outfit Example

For the male boho style, you can either start with some flowy shorts or pants or even cargo shorts for the bottom and add some flowy shirts, vintage tee, or boho tops (click here to have a look at our cool male boho tops).

Depending on what you have picked for the top you can add a light color-flowy shirt on top or a boho jacket.

In terms of footwear, go for either combat shoes, or sneakers, it is up to you.

Mana Concert Male Country Outfit Example

A bit like for any country concert, you can start with some denim pants for the bottom and add either a country t-shirt or a country top (click here to see our country top selection).

In terms of accessories, you can add the iconic cowboy hat!

For footwear go for combat boots.

4. What To Wear To A Mana Concert If You Are Over 40 Or 50?

The Philosophy

While we completely understand this question, we have made a full article on what would be best to wear for people that are over 40 years old here, the short and annoying answer is “it depends”.

If you want the full version you can click on the link right above, but to keep it short it depends on you!

This question is normal, and people want a definitive answer but the truth is there are no rules, especially for concerts.

What we want to say is, no one should say what you should or should not wear, and furthermore one of the core ideas of any concert, live music event, or music festival is to have fun and be free of mundane day-to-day life rules.

We want you to have fun, picking an outfit is only about feeling great in them!

We want you to break your personal concept of 40 and over.

You can pick and wear what you want as long as what you wear makes you feel whatever you are looking for of feeling.

Whatever it is, from cute to comfortable, to sexy, and more, whatever you want.

The idea is to express who you are no matter your age and furthermore the more we age, the more we know about who we are or how we want to be, that is an advantage you have over younger people so use it! 🙂

The Style

Now that we have laid out our philosophy on what to wear when you are 40 and over which is breaking every limit or concept of what a certain age should look like, it is time to pick a style.

You can pick any style we have listed above from casual to casual Latino, to rock, to boho or country, or none of the above.

It is up to you, the style only helps you in knowing what to look for, but you can also have a look at our listing, go freestyle and mix and match tops and bottoms you like from different styles.

Now if by “what to wear over 40”, you mean: “what kind of conservative outfit could I wear?

It is a different question that is not linked to your age but to a specific style that you feel represents you.

So in case that is what you meant we have a dedicated conservative, modest outfit list here, but again keep in mind that this listing should not be linked to a certain age, which it is not.

The Comfort

This is valid for any concert, pop concert, reggae concert, rap concert, whatever the concert or the outfit you need to make sure it is comfortable.

The best way to ensure an outfit is comfortable is to wear it at home, the full outfit, for an extended period to see if you experience any chaffing, hurting, or discomfort.

And you need to do the same thing for your shoes or footwear.

Do not wear brand-new shoes or boots to a concert, make sure they are already broken in.

Furthermore, if it is an outdoor festival don’t forget to bring your extra layer if the concert you will see (Mana in this case) happens to be a concert night.

5. Conclusion And More Mana Concert Inspiration

Whether you are a Mana fan or not we hope that our selection helped you in creating your ideal concert outfit.

As we said, Mana does not hesitate to change things up fashion-wise from time to time so we invite you to do the same.

Furthermore, concerts are unique opportunities to try new and exciting styles so have at it!

If you are looking for more inspiration you can also have a look at our other selections below.

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More Mana Inspiration: Denim Outfits

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More Mana Inspiration: Boho Outfits

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More Mana Inspiration: Modest And Conservative Outfits

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We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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