Day Festival Outfits Ideas And Inspiration

Day festivals are amazing experiences. The best way to rock your next day festival is to know how to prepare for it and get the best festival outfit yet!

In this blog post, we will give you some ideas and inspiration for day festival outfits as well as some tips on how to be ready for the event!

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 We want you to get the best out of this post by saving you some time in your outfit research and finding great items for cheap, so your shopping is as effective as possible.

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1. How to get ready for a day festival?

Check the weather

Before you head out to a day festival, be sure to check the weather!

Don’t check the weather one week or even two days prior to the event, it often changes. Your best bet is to check 24 hours before, so you will know what you will be facing when on-site.

Once you know the forecast, you’ll want to dress accordingly.

By being prepared for whatever the weather may bring, you can ensure that you have a fun and safe time at the festival.

Prepare for the rain

If it looks like it might rain, be sure to bring an umbrella or poncho. Make sure you know if it will be light or heavy rain as you will not bring the same gear.

If it is only light an umbrella should suffice (but make sure you can actually bring an umbrella to the grounds, festival policies are not always the same).

Poncho or rain jackets are the most common rain gear that people take as festivals always allow it.

Rain Poncho

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81XyzwHPeyL._AC_UX679_.jpg

Women Raincoat Windbreaker

Prepare for the cold

If it’s going to be cold, you may want to bring a warm jacket or a blanket.

The blanket is a hack as you can use it to get warmer and if there is nowhere to sit you can always lay it down and chill on it.

Women’s Classic-Fit Long-Sleeve

Prepare for the wind

If you know it will be windy but not cold, a windbreaker will be more than enough. But if the wind is strong and the temperature is low, you will be better off with a full-on coat.

Windbreaker women

Prepare for the mud

Yes, the mud, most people forget about it. Look up what kind of grounds the festival has.

If it is only asphalt you will be all set, but some festivals are half asphalt and half grass, and others are full of grass. When grass is involved, even light rain can create a lot of mud because of the number of people stepping on it.

So make sure you know how the festival ground will be, and if it is grass and the weather looks unstable, bring rain boots.

Hunter Ankle Boots (we don’t recommend the Ankle boots if the rain is heavy and the mud is deep so check the weather before packing, in case you need more).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ankle-boots.webp

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2. Day festival outfit ideas?

Festival fashion here we are!

Festival clothing is a great realm, but we have selected for you the best music festival outfits for you to get the best deals.

As festival wear is immense we tried to cover as many styles as possible.

Day festival Full Outfit

2 Piece Halter Crop Tops Short

SheIn Floral Crop Top Short Set

2 Piece Crop Top Shorts Set

Destroyed Slim Curvy Pants Stretch

Overalls Shorts Denim Junior Type

Boho V Neck Romper Long Sleeves

Sexy Two Pieces Outfits Tops Short

Sexy Halter Tie Dye Two Pieces Sets

Fashion Outfits Sleeveless Tops

SexySleeveless Tops and Skirt

Floral 2 Piece Outfit Dress

V Neck Tee Shirt Dress

V Neck Tie Dye Tee Shirt Dress

Tie Dye Tunic Tops Tee Shirt Dress

Bat Sleeve Belted Wrap Short

V Neck Sexy Mini Short Dresses

Shacket shift dresses

Spaghetti Straps Sundress

Sleeveless Jean Denim Shirt Dress

90s Spaghetti Straps

V Neck Wrap Floral Long Dress

Slip Dress

A-line skirt

Slip Dress 2

Boho Bliss Dress

Short Sleeve Pocket

Women’s Summer Striped

Pants rompers

Women’s Loose Solid Pants Romper

Loose Sleeveless Pants Romper

Strap Pants Romper

Day festival Top Outfits

Crop tops

Neck Basic Crop Tank Top

Strappy Tie Back Crop Halter Tops

Crop Top Cami Tank Top Shirt

T-Shirt Top Casual Summer Tee

Crop Tops for Women & Teens

Plus Size Spaghetti Cami Crop Top

V Neck Camis Crop Top Vest

Demi Cami Crop Tops

Spaghetti Strap Sleeveless Sexy Rave

More skin and sexier

Plunging Neckline Crop Top

Crochet Tie Front Crop Bikini Top

ace Up Sling Basic Bow Crop Top

Criss Cross Crop Tops Backless

Short Sleeve Bodycon See Through

Crop Top Strappy Cami Tank

Crop Top Golden Ring Centrepiece

Backless Cute Cami Crop Top Bralette

Backless Cute Cami Crop Top

One Shoulder Crop Top T Shirt

Tube Top Bandeau Bra Rave

Sexy Halter See Through Camisole

Padded High-Neck Crop Swim Top

Backless Wrap Crop Halter Top

Spaghetti Strap Crop Cami Top

Crop Top Sexy Tie Back Strappy

One Shoulder Tee Shirt Crop Tops

Sleeveless Plunge Tank Cropped Top

Crop Top Cut Out T Shirt

Day festival Bottom Outfits

Straight jeans

Levi Strauss Modern Skinny Jean

Instastretch Luscious Cruvy Bootcut

Levi Strauss Straight Jeans

Curvy Mid Rise Slim Fit Bootcut Jeans

Shaping Boot-cut Jeans

Runner shorts

Women’s Fly By 2.0

Running Shorts Athletic

Denim shorts

Women’s Destroyed Ripped Hole Denim

Mid Rise Shorts Ripped Denim

Mid Rise Denim Denim Shorts

Mini skirts

Mini Skirt with Stretch

Skorts Skirts

Women Ruched Ruffle

Pleated Tennis Mini Skirts

Fishnet tights

High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Women’s Hosiery Suspender Fishnet

Valila High Waist Tights Fishnet

Patterned Fishnet Tights Pantyhose

If you want some more inspiration have a look at our other selection below:

Day festival Over Outfits

Faux fur

Faux Fur skirt Light Outfit

Faux Fur Waistcoast LED Light

Faux Fur Light Leggings Boot

Faux Fur Scarf Light

Faux Fur Unicorn Hat Scarf Light

Faux Fur Jacket Light

Beach sarongs

Cover Up Wrap Skirt

Women Beach Sarongs

Sarong Sheer

If you want some more inspiration have a look at our other selection below:

3. How to stay cool at a day festival?

The festival season means summer, so you will have to get ready for the heat and sun rays. The better you will be prepared the more enjoyment you will get out of the event.

Protect your head

Summer festivals are known for sun strokes, this is why you have to make sure your head is protected if you stay in the sun for a long period. A hat, cap, or even a bandana would suffice.



27 Inches Silk Feeling Neckerchief

Drink enough water

Even though this might be one of the most common tips for festivals it is quite important that you drink enough water throughout the day.

Bring a camelback, so you are sure to have water on you all day long and hands-free at all times! Or if you prefer take a reusable water bottle.

Standard Camelback

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81-yFKrXrcL._AC_UX679_.jpg

Water Bottle with Time Marker

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81VYBnKqnPS._AC_SX466_.jpg

Protect your skin

Put some sunscreen as soon as you arrive on-site. And remember, sunscreen only lasts at most for a couple of hours, so reapply every now and then.


Protect your eyes

Also, bring a pair of glasses as day festivals usually take place in summer the sun will hit hard. People often forget how strong the sun can be in the middle of the day.

So if you don’t want to create unnecessary wrinkles and frowning all the time because of the brightness, bring some nice glasses.

Sunglasses Men and Women

Sunglasses Women

Seek some shades from time to time

Most festivals have shades, they either create shade structures, or they are close to trees or nature.

If they have none of that, try to find shades where you can. For instance, any festival shop will do or even the medical tent.

Dance fitfully

Even though most day festivals are all about music, it is important that you don’t push your limits too much.

Know yourself and as long as you check on yourself regularly and do go overboard, you can dance as much as you want.

Use layering to create your outfit

For any music festival, the best way to think about your outfit is by layering.

Basically layering is giving you the option to add and remove some clothing from your outfit freely and easily.

Avoid outfits that are too warm

Layering allows you to remove some clothes if it is too warm and put them back if it is getting cold. This is why it is always a bad idea to have only an outfit of one-piece clothing.

The only time when one-piece clothing works is if you really know yourself and the festival, well enough to know that with this one-piece clothing you will never be too warm or too cold.

4. Have great comfortable shoes

Whatever festival style you are thinking of, having comfortable shoes is mandatory, you will find a ton of possibilities regarding shoes, but sneakers are often the best ones.

Standard sneaker shoes

The list of sneaker shoes below has all been tested by festival-goers and is often re-ordered once the shoes are too damaged (years of use).

We have only put shoes that have been validated as great comfortable shoes for the festival by festival-goers.

Newbalance Women Fuelcore

Ultraboost Adidas Women Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture

Under Armour Sonic 4

TIOSEBON Women Sneakers

More stylish shoes

If you are more into stylish footwear we also have this list for you:

Cape Robbin Radio Holo Platform

Cape Robbin Downshifter Sneakers

Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers

Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

Adidas Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Women Holographic Iridescent White

Platform Buckle Sandal

Glitter Sneakers Lace-up

Women Holographic Metallic Pyramid

Adams Hero Platform Sneakers

Holo Leather Glitter Fashion Sneakers

Knee High Boots

Stretch Knee High Boots

Knee high boots

5. Prepare your event

Getting ready the right way and having the right festival accessories can greatly improve your experience at the festival! If you go there fully prepared with all the necessary gear you will have the time of your life!

Only pack the festival essentials

When you go to a festival, one of the most annoying things is to have festival clothes or items that you have to carry for nothing.

Make sure you only bring the festival essentials, so your hands stay free at all times, so you can freely dance, drink or even eat (not to mention go to the bathroom).

Bringing a backpack is typically the best way to make sure you have enough on you for the festival and your hands stay free.

If a backpack is too much, you can also bring a fanny pack or both.

Small backpack: to carry all your rave essentials, it has to be clear, the security personnel needs to be able to see through it without opening it (careful no L XL bags).

Fanny pack

Flip belt

Arrive early

Arriving early is one of the best things you can do.

You will not wait in line, and it gives you a great opportunity to discover the grounds.

Know the grounds (know where things are)

Getting to know the grounds is crucial, so you can roam easily at the festival.

Get to know where are the exits, find the water stations, the bathrooms, the festival shops, the medical tent, and so on, a festival is a full world, and you need to know the lay of the land.

Know the schedule (to put on your phone)

Unless you have the program of the festival on paper, a good tip is to put it on your phone as your lock screen. That way you will not have to unlock your phone 30 times throughout the day.

And also it will prevent your phone from losing too much battery.

Have a system to find your friends

It’s always nice to go to a festival with friends, but the problem is that when you are not alone you can lose people in the crowd.

Choose a landmark

Choose a landmark and confirm with all your friends that this location will be where everyone will meet in case someone gets lost.

Make a totem

Totems are more famous and common in raves but work really well.

It is basically an object you can keep above your head, either on a hat or by holding it up in the air to show your friends where you are.

You will have to either find someone that will accept to hold it throughout the event or take turns with your friends to carry it.

Know the event policies (so you don’t get surprised)

Many people forget about festival policies, but it is a great idea to read all of them once to be sure you are all set, and you respect the rules of the event.

The ones you want to know are about the prohibited items and the size of bag pack you can bring.

Each festival has its own policies, so it does not hurt to read it one time before going, furthermore from one year to another the policies can change.

So it is not because you have already been to the festival that you necessarily know what is allowed or prohibited.

Keep yourself up to date.

We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

We wish your next festival to be a smashing success!

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