Festival and Rave Outfits 90s Ideas and Inspiration

The fashion world runs its course and never stops moving, but the 90s style keeps coming back!

That is quite normal as the 90s were an amazing period to express one’s personality with clothing.

Whether rave and festival season started or not 90s style is always a good idea, but do you know where to start or how to pull it off?

Well, we specifically made this guide for you to find and get the best outfits to rock the 90s look in no time.

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1. The rise of the 90s festival fashion trend

Ah, the 90s. A decade of peace, love, and… festival and rave wear? That’s right – the 90s were a time when festival clothing began to take off in a big way.

Also, rave culture began in the late 80s and early 90s, and it was characterized by its love of electronic music, neon lights, and all-night parties.

Rave fashion was also unique, with bright colors, bold patterns, and outrageous styles. Today, ravers are still going strong, and their fashion sense has only gotten more creative.

While earlier generations had been content with simply throwing on a tie-dye T-shirt and some denim cut-offs, 90s kids wanted to express their individuality – and they did so through their fashion choices.

From colorful body glitter to butterfly clips and bandanas, 90s festival clothing was all about standing out from the crowd.

And while some may argue that the trend has since died out, there’s no denying that the 90s were a pivotal moment in the history of festival wear.

2. How to get the 90s look?

The 90s look is not necessarily complicated, but it can be complex. To pull it off, you will need to get some details right.

But if you read through our listing below you will easily get a good understanding of how to get the 90s style.

Search uniqueness

The 90s were a time of self-expression and individuality. The fashion was all about being unique and standing out from the crowd.

Search to be bold

If you want to get the 90s look, you need to be bold and fearless with your fashion choices.

Think bright colors and patterns

Think bright colors, patterns, and oversized silhouettes. Mix and match different pieces to create an outfit that expresses who you are.

Think oversized silhouettes

Oversized T-shirts, button-downs, and flannel shirts were all popular in the 90s, and they’re still a popular choice for festival fashion.

Whether you wear your shirt off the shoulder or tie it around your waist, an oversized shirt is always a good idea. 

Remember, and this is true, especially for ladies, for 90s outfits you can’t be oversized bot and top at the same time:

  1. If you are oversized at the top, make sure you have fitted outfits at the bottom
  2. And if you are oversized at the bottom have tight outfits for the top

Shop for neon colors

Neon is always a good idea for a rave or festival for the 90s style. Not only does it add some extra pop to your outfit, but it also glows under black light, making you look even more radiant.

Think neon orange, hot pink, and electric blue. Stripes, chevron, and abstract designs are also perfect for this style.

Shop mesh tops

Sheer mesh tops were all the rage in the 90s rave scene, and they’re still a popular choice today.

Whether you choose a brightly colored top or one that’s covered in sequins or beads, mesh is always a fun and flirty option. 

Order fishnet tights

Fishnet tights are another staple of the rave and festival scene. They can be worn on their own or under a short skirt or dress, and they add an extra bit of sexiness to any outfit. 

By the way, if you are into fishnets and want more product ideas and inspiration click here

Think denim shorts, pants, and jackets

Any type of denim clothing is great.

Denim cut-off shorts are a must-have for any festival or rave. They’re comfortable, easy to dance in, and they go with just about anything. 

Also, if you are into denim we have a full guide for you to get ideas and inspiration click here.

Get Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were all the rage in the 90s, and they’re making a comeback in the festival scene.

They’re a fun and easy way to add some color and personality to your hair, and they can also help keep flyaways at bay. 

So there you have it, some great ideas for creating the perfect 90s-inspired festival outfit.

Just remember to have fun with it and let your personality shine through. And don’t forget the body glitter!

3. Rave and Festival outfits 90s ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next rave or festival outfit, here are some ideas from the 90s that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

We have tried to cover as much 90s clothing as possible, so you can easily mix and match tops, bottoms, and accessories at will.

90s Outfits Tops

Casual Long Sleeve Button-Down

Women Fashion, Casual

Women’s Lightweight Retro

Crew neck Striped Short

Sweater shirt Lips Print

Summer Denim Sexy Dress Jeans Long

Stretch Denim Jacket

Long Sleeve Button-Down Denim Jacket

Oversized Pearls Beading Denim Jacket

Casual Classic Vintage Denim Jean

Off Shoulder Denim Jacket

Destroyed Classic Short Denim Jacket

Destroyed Button Down Denim Jacket

Washed Denim Vest

Long Sleeve Wash Denim Jacket

Sleeveless Denim Vest Gile

Benson Denim Jacket

Denim Vest Cropped Washed Denim

For this section some of the tops we display are quite”sexy” therefore they would work better for raves than standard festivals.

Women’s Criss Cross Backless Wrap Crop Halter Top

Women’s Sexy Sheer Mesh Fishnet Net

Women’s Fishnet Crop Top

Women’s Long Sleeve Crop Top Fishnets

Women Sexy Mesh Fishnet Hollow Out

Women’s Long Sleeve Industrial Fishnet

Fearless Fence Net See Through Fishnets

Women’s Crop Top Spaghetti Camisole

Women’s Ultra Crop Top Form Fitting

See Through Mesh Crop Top Sheer Open

Women’s Sexy Halter Fish Scale Sequin

Sexy Fishnet Top Cut Out Mesh Long

Stretchy Fishnet Long Sleeve Top

Women’s Mesh Triangle Bra Tops Sheer

Cutout Bikini Halter Crop Top (One Size)

Women’s Sheer Mesh Fishnet Halter

Women’s Sheer Mesh Crop Bra Tops

Keyhole Cutout Backless Crop Top Bra

Harness Waist Bikini Chain Bra Body

Rave Hologram Body Chest Harness

Women Shiny Star Tube Top Halter

Holographic Delfina Crop Top

Camisole Spaghetti Straps Tank Top

Strapless Crop Tube Top

Holographic Shirt Shimmer Sparkle

90s Outfits Bottoms

Neon Retro Rainbow Tights

Mid Rise Shorts Ripped Denim

Mid Rise Denim Denim Shorts

Mid Rise Light Color Denim Shorts

Casual A-Line Denim Short Skirt

Std Denim Skirt

Short Mini Denim Skirt

Slim Straight Cut Mini Denim Skirt

Ripped Denim Long Skirt

Long Jeans Maxi Flared Denim Skirt

High Waist Ripped Denim Pencil Skirt

Overalls Shorts Denim Junior Type

Overalls Shorts Adjustable Straps

Destroyed Slim Curvy Pants Stretch

Have a look! You have many styles available, on these overalls.

Women’s High-Waist Short

Many styles and colors are available

Women’s Liquid Shiny Metallic Mini

Women’s Festival Rave Thong Booty

Leg Wraps Garter Set with Ribbons

Women’s Metallic Shorts Summer

Many patterns and colors are available

High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Women’s Hosiery Suspender Fishnet

Valila High Waist Tights Fishnet

Full Outfit 90s Style

Casual 2 Piece

2 Piece Outfits Retro

Jumpsuit Zipper

Women’s Strappy Crop Top Shirts

If you like this type have a look different styles and colors are available

Women’s Spaghetti Strap Plaid Crop Top

Spectrum Women High Cut Holographic

Other colors are available

Women’s 2 Piece Set Halter Crop Top

2 Pieces Outfits Clubwear Colorful Tie

Women Holographic 2 Pieces Outfits Set

2 Piece Outfits Set Bra Top Mini Skirt

Hooded Crop Top Holo Sweatpant

Holographic Snakeskin Wrap

One Piece Sexy Lace Short

Off Shoulder Crop Top Mini Dress

Body Chain Gold Bra Skirts Set

Bra Crop Tops with Mini Bodycon Skirt

Strapless Bandeau Tube Bra Top Skirt

Also if you are looking for more rave wear and:

4. Accessories that will complete your outfit

When it comes to festival and rave outfits from the 90s, there are a few key accessories that can make your look complete.

Oversized sunglasses

No festival outfit is complete without a pair of oversized sunglasses.

It is true that in the 90s they used them not only to protect their eyes from the sun, but also to help conceal any post-party fatigue.

Stylish Oversized

Oversized retro sunglasses

Style Retro Mirrored Sunglasses

Headscarf, headband, or bandana

A colorful headscarf or bandana can add a touch of bohemian flair to your look. Bandanas can be worn in your hair, around your neck, or even as a bracelet.

They’re a great way to add some color and personality to your outfit, and they’re also functional, helping to keep sweat and hair out of your face while you dance.

Boho Headbands

27 Inches Silk Feeling Neckerchief

Body glitter

No 90s rave outfit is complete without a bit of body glitter. Whether you cover your entire body in sparkles or just add a touch to your face or hair, glitter is a great way to add some extra pizzazz to your look. 

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter

Neon makeup and body paint

In addition to wearing neon clothing, you can also add some neon accents to your makeup. A brightly colored eyeliner or lip gloss can really make your outfit pop. 

UV Neon Face & Body Paint Glow Kit

Luminous Face Jewels Glow in the Dark

Water Activated Eyeliner Liner Makeup

Brightly fanny pack

A brightly colored fanny pack is essential for carrying all your essentials (and keeping them safe while you dance!).

Holographic Fanny Pack– Fashion

Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

Funky footwear

Improve your 90s look with some funky footwear. Platform shoes, combat boots, and even Birkenstock are perfect for this style. A pair of platform sneakers or sandals will add a touch of retro style.

Cape Robbin Radio Holo Platform

Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

Platform Buckle Sandal

Adams Hero Platform Sneakers

Neon bracelet or choker

A neon plastic bracelet or choker is the perfect finishing touch.

Choker Necklace Bracelet Ring

Think bucket hats

Those hats are still one of the most iconic 90s accessories.

Unisex Reversible

Chunky jewelry

And let’s not forget chunky jewelry!

Chunky Women Jewelry Sets

Silver Link Bracelet

Sterling Silver Rings

With all those accessories you cannot go wrong, and you will for sure nail your 90s outfits to the tiniest detail!

5. A few tips on how to stay cool and comfortable while you’re out

You have to know what will be the weather like for the event you intend to go to.

90s outfits can be a bit warm for summer raves or festivals, and we don’t want you, while on-site, to be uncomfortable because of the heat.

If you know it will be hot, to help you stay cool and comfortable while you’re dancing the night away, here are a few tips:

– Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid synthetic materials like polyester, which can trap heat and make you sweat.

– Loose, flowing clothes are best for air circulation. You might want to consider a cropped top or shorts to keep your body temperature down.

– Light colors will reflect heat, so opt for white, cream, or pastel hues. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

– Keep your hair off your face with a bandana or headband. A cold compress on your forehead can also help to cool you down.

– Stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the night. You can also bring along a small fan to keep yourself cool.

Gypsy Hair Clips Silver Hair Extension

With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the party while staying cool and comfortable all night long!

We hope that this article helped you or saved you some time in your research.

Have a great event!

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